You'll Find Out Soon Enough

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Narrator's POV

Rebecca is getting ready for the Sweetheart Dance. She had finally figured what her heart wanted but she did after all promise Joe she would go with him. She would tell him what his heart told her at school.
There was a knock on the door.
" Come on in Ma, " she said as Annette turned the door handle.
"Oh Rebecca you look beautiful," said Annette .
"Thanks Ma," said Rebecca as she showed her Mom the dress.

"Thanks Ma," said Rebecca as she showed her Mom the dress

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Richard entered the room dressed in a suit and tie.
"Both of my children look wonderful tonight," said Annette .
"Thanks Ma," said Rebecca and Richard.
"Well we will see you two at Dori Elizabeth's house," said Annette .
" Okay Ma, " said Rebecca as Richard took his little sister by the hand and lead her downstairs.

Rebecca's POV

I looked at Richard "Rich?"
" Yeah, " he said opening the passenger side door.
"I figured out what my heart wants," I said.
"Good and who is that?" asked Richard as we watched Colby exit his house in a black on black suit and a bold purple tie.
" You'll find out soon enough, " I said.
Richard rolled his eyes as he pulled away from the curb. He beeps at Colby as we passed him. Colby waved before climbing into his car.

Colby's POV

I watched as Richard's tail lights disappear from sight before I started the car.
It has been a hard five months. Avoiding Rebecca as much as possible was hard. Alana has helped slightly but my mind and my heart isn't far from Rebecca. I felt bad for stringing Alana along like I was but I didn't want to break her heart on Valentine's Day. Claudio and Ashley are still on the road to recovery but both are out of the hospital but are being homeschooled until the end of the year. There has been so much on my plate these past five months.
I sighed as I started the car pulled away from the curb. I was heading to Alana's house to pick her up for the dance.

Narrator's POV

Rebecca and Richard pulled up in front of Dori Elizabeth's house. They were meeting Joe, Fergal and Nigel there. Then they were taking a limo to the dance.
All the parents were there to take photographs of their children.
Rebecca smiled at Joe who stood next to Fergal and Nigel.
"You look wonderful Rebecca," said Joe.
"You look very nice too Joe," said Rebecca smiling.
Richard's breath is taken away when he sees Dori Elizabeth.
"Wow," said Joe.
" Let me guess. Your doing? " said Rebecca looking at Fergal.
"Maybe," he said with a smile .


Colby pulled up in front of Alana's. Renee and Jonathan were there as was Claudio and Ashley even though they were homeschooling students at the moment they were aloud to attend the dances.
Alana smiled at Colby.
"You look amazing Baby," she said .
"Thanks Alana," he said as she pinned a flower to the lapel of his jacket. He slid on the corsage she had handed him.
"I can't wait for tonight," said Alana as they lined up for photos .
"Neither can I," said Renee .

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