She's Going To Carrie Her

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Narrator's POV

Renee,Nikki and Brie are going to Carrie poor Rebecca.
"Let's just hope she doesn't start the hotel on fire," giggled Nikki .
"You're an absolute idiot Nicole," said Brie rolling her eyes "That stupid sophomore isn't Carrie? That was a movie," she shook her head as they poured the red paint into buckets.
"Exactly this is just to show she isn't going to come in and steal my friends and cast some sort of spell on Colby like that," said Renee.
"And why is that Renee?" asked Jonathan from behind them "Last time I looked you were MY girlfriend.So why are you hell bent on breaking up Colby and Rebecca?"
Renee turned and looked at him "Not you too," she said "That bitch ruins everything. She even has cast some sort of spell on Jonathan!"
" Ummm you didn't answer my question, " said Jonathan crossing his arms over his chest as It Takes Two by Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston comes pumping out of the ballroom.
"What question?" asked Renee as she poured feathers into a bucket.
" WHY?DO?YOU?WANT?TO?BREAK?UP?COLBY? AND?REBECCA? "he said turning every word into a question.
"Oh because he didn't want to date my friend Sasha," she said .
Jonathan stood there for a moment absolutely shocked "That's why? But you've had it out for Rebecca a lot longer than Colby saying no to Sasha. What the fuck gives?"
"You really," said Renee standing as Who's Lovin' You by Jackson Five comes from the ballroom "want to know why I hate Rebecca Quin?"
" I believe that's what I asked! "said Jonathan.
"Simple she stole Colby from me!" said Renee "He loved me before that little bitch moved here from Ireland," Renee turned and knelt back down to continue working on the buckets.
" Well what a way to make a guy feel special, " said Jonathan as he turned "Oh by the way Renee," she turned to him "You and I are threw.See ya," he salutes her before he flipped her off.
He stormed back into the ballroom.
"Pfft who needs him," said Renee " Once I prove to Colby how much of a dweeb Rebecca is I will have Colby. "
Nikki and Brie exchanged looks.
"Ummm on second thought," said Brie standing " I am going to go and dance with my boyfriend, " she wiped her hands and left.
"Are you leaving too?" sneered Renee at Nikki.
Nikki bit her lip and shook her head. In all honesty Nikki didn't want to do anything but Renee scared the shit out of her.
"No I am with you Renee," said Nikki as she poured another bag of feathers into a bucket.

Meanwhile back in the ballroom.....

Jonathan is trying to find Colby and Rebecca to warn them as Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations begins.
"Colby!" said Jonathan as he grabbed his arm.
" What? "said Colby.
" I have to warn you Renee is going to try and Carrie,Rebecca! " he said.
"What?" said Colby.
"Renee is planning on pouring..." but before Jonathan can finish his sentence Rebecca's screams filled the ballroom followed by her tears.
There is a clanking from buckets onto the wood dance floor.
Colby turned to see Rebecca dripping in red paint and covered by multi colored feathers.
Ashley and Dori Elizabeth are giving the death stare to Renee and Nikki who are both laughing hysterically.
"What the actual fuck?!!" said Nigel and Fergal.
" That will teach you to steal Colby from me!!! " said Renee.

Colby's POV

I had to fight threw the crowd to get to Rebecca. I took off my jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders.
"What is wrong with you?" I yelled at Renee.
" She took you from me when we were nine! " she said.
"What are you even talking about?" I asked as Alana was bringing towels into the ballroom.
Joe took off his coat and wrapped it around Rebecca's shoulders too.
"You were mine before this bitch moved here!" screamed Renee.
"Come on sweetie," said Alana as she led Rebecca out of the ballroom followed closely by Ashley, Dori Elizabeth and Fergal.
But before Dori Elizabeth left she slugged Renee and Nikki in the jaws.
They both went down like a ton of bricks.
The entire Junior class bursts into laughter and applause as Dori Elizabeth made her exit.

Narrator's POV

Alana and the rest of Rebecca's friends led Rebecca to the room Alana and Joe had rented for the night.
"Come on sweetie let's get you cleaned up," said Alana.
"But I have nothing to wear," cried Rebecca.
"Yes you do," said Alana "Liz there is a cute cocktail dress hanging up in the closet along with some kick ass heels."
" Alana you don't have to do that, "said Rebecca as Ashley and Alana wipes Rebecca.
"I know I don't have to. I want to," said Alana .
Dori Elizabeth went to the closet and saw the sleek black cocktail dress and nude stiletto heels. Dori Elizabeth grabbed them.
Ashley and Alana threw Rebecca into the shower.After Rebecca was cleaned Alana and Ashley quickly got to work fixing her hair and makeup.
When she stepped out of the bathroom Fergal's and Dori Elizabeth's mouths drop.
"Wow!!" said Fergal "If I was into girls," he looked Rebecca up and down " You would do it for me. "
Rebecca blushes "Thanks Ferg."
"You're going to give Colby a stroke," said Dori Elizabeth.
The friends go back downstairs to the prom. Rebecca makes a grand entrance. Everyone's mouths drop but Colby well he could have been knocked over by a feather.
"Damn," said Jonathan.
"Back off she's mine," said Colby a smile forming on his lips as Rebecca melted into his open arms as Then He Kissed Me by The Crystals started to play.He held her tight and he kissed her there right in the center of the dance floor.
"I love you Colby Lopez," said Rebecca.
"I love you Rebecca Quin," said Colby .
They danced the night away.
From that day forward it was always them. They became a packaged deal.

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