I Don't Like Her Colby

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Narrator's POV

Colby knocked on Ashley's hospital room door.
"Come in," said a muffled voice.
Colby walked in with Rebecca as Holly and Dori Elizabeth waited in the floors waiting room.
"Colby," said Ashley her face lighting up until her eyes fell on Rebecca "What is she doing here?"
"She is here to support me," said Colby smiling at Rebecca.
Ashley rolled her eyes "I would much rather just have you in my room," she said.
Rebecca nodded "Fine by me. Colby I will be waiting with your Mom and Liz," she said kissing Colby's cheek .

Colby's POV

I watched as Rebecca left the room before turning back to Ashley.
"That was kinda harsh Ash," I said taking a seat in the chair next to her bed.
Ashley looks at me her face is bruised badly, her left arm is in a sling due to it being broken, her right leg is up and she is in a cast from her hip to her toes. Her right arm is severely cut up and is wrapped in bandages.
"I don't like her Colby," she said .
"Why?" I ask.
" Because when we in fourth grade the guy I liked. Liked her and not me, " said Ashley.
I rolled my eyes "And who was that?" I ask.
"Fergal Devitt," she said .
"Ummm Ash he's gay," I said " So you never stood a chance with him anyway. "

Rebecca's POV

I walking back to where Mrs. Lopez and Dori Elizabeth were waiting when I ran into a brick wall of a human.
"Oof," I said looking up "Joe?!"
"Bex?!" he said .
"What are you doing here?" I ask.
"My-my-my Mom and sister are here," he said.
"What?!" I said.
"My parents and little sister where in that twenty car pile up on the interstate," said Joe tears streaming down his face "My Mom and sister are going to be fine but my Dad he was k-k-k-k-killed instantly," he lost the battle against bawling.
I took him into my arms and he held onto me for dear life.
"Come on let's take a walk," I said.
He nodded and I lead him towards the waiting room.

Narrator's POV

Holly and Dori Elizabeth look up when Rebecca entered the waiting room with an inconsolable Joe.
"What's wrong?" asked Holly helping Joe into a chair.
" His family was in that pile up," said Rebecca rubbing Joe's back "His Mom and sister made it but his Dad wasn't as lucky," she kissed Joe's cheek and he laid his head on her shoulder .
"Oh my God Joe I am so sorry," said Dori Elizabeth sitting on Joe's other side.
"Thank you Liz," said Joe threw sobs.
" Is there anything I can do? " asks Rebecca.
"Can you come sit with me in my Sister's room?" he asked looking at her like a lost puppy.
Rebecca nodded "Of course," she said " Where is your Mom? "
"ICU," said Joe " I am splitting my time right now between my Mom's room and Leila's room. "
Rebecca looked at Dori Elizabeth "Do you want to come with us?"
Dori Elizabeth nodded "Of course," she said .
"Mrs. Lopez can you come find me when Colby is ready to go see Claudio?"
Holly nodded "Of course," she said "And Joe?
Joe looks up at Holly "Yes ma'am?"
" I am so sorry for your loss, " she said.
"Thank you ma'am," he said as the three teens rose.
Joe took Rebecca's hand and kisses it.
"Come on," said Rebecca as Joe lead her and Dori Elizabeth to Leila's room.

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