Colby's Story

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The name is Colby Daniel Lopez. I am a junior in high school. I never knew my biological father as he stepped before I was even born. So I was raised by my Mom Holly along with my brother who is three years older than I am Brandon. The man I call my father Bob Lopez entered our lives when I was three. He married Mom when I was five.
I have lived in Davenport my entire life. My family and I live in a nice house on a nice street. Our next door neighbors the Quins moved in three days before the start of fourth grade (for me at least) from Ireland. It was a Mom Annette, a boy two years older than me Richard and a girl only nine months younger than me Rebecca whom became my best friend almost instantly.
Unlike me in school Rebecca is what most people would consider a nerd now I wouldn't Rebecca just prefers to read books then to go out and party. Rebecca is an absolute doll not to mention funny, sweet, caring, smart and well don't let her know I told you this but drop dead gorgeous. She doesn't think that but she is. If you haven't guessed by now I have a small okay maybe not small but a HUGE crush on Rebecca but my buddies would destroy her if they knew this so I have to keep my distance while we are at school in order to protect her. I just wish I could tell her how I really feel.
Am I forgetting anything?! Oh yes my family and I have a dog named Jinx.

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