Can You Just Rip My Heart Out So I Don't Feel Anymore?

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February 2004
Narrator's POV

It has been five months since the day Colby had said goodbye to Rebecca in that hallway of Davenport General Hospital. Rebecca couldn't just step away from Joe during this time. Not with his Mom still in the ICU and Leila just learning to walk again after spending the last five months in the hospital. Joe's oldest brother Loki and his family moved to Davenport to take care of Joe and Leila.
Rebecca was getting ready for school. Joe would be picking her up any minute. She glanced at her desk and saw the whiteboard laying there. A whiteboard she hasn't used in five months. She missed Colby like crazy but it seems he had moved on. According to Fergal he had seen him out with a blonde chick quite a few times while Fergal was out with his boyfriend Nigel.
Rebecca grabbed the whiteboard and stuffed into her closet on the top shelf.
"No need for this anymore," she said sadly.

Rebecca's POV

"Are you okay sis?" asked Richard standing in my doorway.
"I'm fine Rich," I said wiping my eyes before I turned around.
My damn jukebox dropped the next record and of course it had to be Baby Love by The Supremes.
"Ugh," I said staring at the sky.
This was the song Colby and I would dance to around my living room when we kids.
"Bex. You still haven't figured out you heart?" asked Richard who was in town for the sweetheart dance he was Dori Elizabeth's date!
I shook my head "No Rich. I can't. My damn heart one day wants Joe and the next day it wants Colby. Can you just rip my heart out so I don't have to feel anymore?"
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by The Shirelles drops down and I started to laugh the universe had a weird since of humor. This was another one of the songs Colby and I danced around to as kids.
"What's so funny sis?" I said .
"The songs my Jukebox is deciding to play. They are all songs that have meaning to Colby and I," I said " I don't know if I can do the Sweetheart Dance tomorrow. "
Richard looks at me then at the dress hanging up on my closet door "That dress says otherwise. Besides you promised Joe you'd go with him."
I sighed "You're right," I said as Richard draped an arm around me.
He kissed my temple "Just listen to your heart and your heart alone. Don't let your head have a say!" he said.
I looked at him "How did you know my head was even part of the conversation."
" Bex you have been my little sister for sixteen years. I think I know you, " he said.
"Thanks Rich," I said kissing his cheek.

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