Can You Keep A Secret?

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Narrator's POV

Rebecca and Joe entered the banquet hall where Gary's birthday party was happening.
"Did I mention how beautiful you look tonight?" asked Joe as he helped Rebecca tie her mask.
" Yes, "said Rebecca blushing "But I don't mind hearing it again."
She smiled up at him and he brushed a strand of hair behind her ear.
Joe chuckled "Okay. You look beautiful tonight," he said as he connected their lips.
Colby saw this and he felt like he had been punched in the gut.
" Colby are you alright?" asked Dori Elizabeth looking at Colby.
"Me?"asked Colby.
" You're the only Colby I know, " she said.

Colby's POV

I looked at Dori Elizabeth and forced a smile "Terrific. I am happy for Rebecca," I said .
"Well that's fantastic but I didn't ask if you were happy for her," she said raising an eyebrow " What's wrong with you?"
I grabbed her arm and pulled her over to the corner "Can you keep a secret?" I ask .
"Let me see if I can guess the secret," she said with a smirk on her lips "You Colby Lopez are in love with Rebecca Quin."
I stared at her "How did you know?" I ask.
"Well umm I'm not blind," she said giving me a look like I just sprouted a second head from my shoulders.
I chuckled "Am I that obvious?" I ask .
"Only to some," she said " Like Ferg and I. And well that may be it because your friends are idiots, " she pronounced every syllable in idiots.
"Do you think Rebecca knows?" I ask.
Dori Elizabeth shook her head "No she is hopelessly oblivious."
I breathed a sigh of relief that she doesn't know how I feel "Do you think you can not tell her?" I ask .
"I have kept my mouth shut since fourth grade," she said "I think I can keep it shut now. Don't you think? "
I looked at her "Thank you," I said " Because she looks happy with him. "
"Colby the only reason she is even seeing him is because you didn't have the balls to ask her out," said Dori Elizabeth " If you had I can pretty much guarantee that she would have said yes but you fucked up big time. "
"I only have myself to blame then?" I ask.
" Yep, " said Dori Elizabeth.

Rebecca's POV

Joe and I found our seats. He told me his parents were coming but he had driven himself because he wanted to be there from the beginning as he is my date. How sweet is that?!
Since we had sat I was helping Joe tie his mask as if we had been standing I would have needed a step stool to reach his head.
"Thanks Bex," he said brushing my cheek with the back of his hand.
" Hey you two, " said Richard sitting down with us.
"Hey," I said smiling as Ma and Gary took their seats.
" Joe, " said Gary "How are you tonight?"
"Fine sir," said Joe looking at me " Especially since I have your daughter as my date."
I was so thankful that I had a mask on it helped some with the blush that was creeping up my cheeks.
We had a sit down dinner before the dancing began. Since I am a vegetarian I had a nice big salad.

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