Beautiful Tonight

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Narrator's POV

Gary pulled up in front of Dori Elizabeth's house. Rebecca stepped out and ran up to the door. She rang the doorbell.Dori Elizabeth opened the door and stepped onto the porch.
"Thanks Bex," she said smiling as she locked her front door.
"My parents had to go into work at the hospital," she said " Bad accident on the interstate so it's all hands on deck. "
"Oh no I hope no one is hurt," said Rebecca " Probably means my Dad won't be at the party since he is a doctor like your Mom, " as the girls walk to the car.
The girls climbed into the car "Thanks for the ride Mr. Reynolds," said Dori Elizabeth "My parents got called into the hospital."
"Because of the accident on the interstate?" asked Annette.
"Yes," said Dori Elizabeth.
"Yes Ken called and let me know him and Roni aren't going to be there either," said Annette.

Rebecca's POV

"It must be a pretty bad accident," said Gary pulling away from Dori Elizabeth's house "Since it sounds like an all hands on deck."
Dori Elizabeth nodded "From.what I understand Dad said it involved something like twenty cars."
" Wow, " said Richard "That's a lot.-"
Dori Elizabeth nodded as she is fidgety as she has a crush on Richard.
"-By the way Liz you look beautiful tonight," said Richard smiling at Dori Elizabeth.
"Thanks Rich," she said blushing to the roots of her hair " Mrs. Reynolds? "
"Yes dear."
"I don't know how long my parents are going to be at the hospital. Is there a chance I can stay with you?" asked Dori Elizabeth.
"Of course dear but we do go to church every Sunday. Are you comfortable going to our church?" me Ma asked .
"Yes ma'am," said Dori Elizabeth.
"Then if it is alright with Gary the it is alright with me."
"Mr . Reynolds? " said Dori Elizabeth.
"It's alright with me. After the party I will drive you back so you can get some clothes," said Gary.
"Thanks sir," she said .
"You're like a daughter to us dear," said me Ma .
"Thank you Mrs. Reynolds, " said Dori Elizabeth smiling.

Narrator's POV

They drove and talked about how the first week of school was for the girls and the first month of college for Richard who was a freshman at Davenport State University.
Rebecca's family pulled in right behind Colby's family at the Banquet hall.
"You look wonderful tonight," said Colby as he offered his arm to Rebecca .
"Thanks Colby," said Rebecca blushing "You look very handsome," she looks at him with a smile .
"Thanks," said Colby blushing " Rebecca? "
"Yes Colby?" said Rebecca looking him.
" I uh umm, " he stammered.
"Bex?!" said Joe.
" Hi Joe, " said Rebecca smiling "Colby you were saying?"
She looks at him as Joe joined them.
"I can't wait to have a dance with you tonight," he said.
"Neither can I," said Rebecca as she looks up at Joe " You look handsome tonight. "
"You look beautiful tonight," said Joe as he kissed Rebecca on the cheek .
"Thanks," blushed Rebecca .
Colby rolled his eyes "I'll see you in there," he said .
Rebecca nodded "Bye Colby," she said.
"Bye Rebecca," he said leaving.

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