I Want...

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Narrator's POV

Rebecca,Joe and Dori Elizabeth walked into school.Joe had his arm draped wrapped around Rebecca's shoulders.
Rebecca's heart almost stopped when she saw Colby walking towards her but then he saw he wasn't alone. He had his arm wrapped around the waist of a pretty blonde.
"Rebecca?" he said " I would like you to meet my girlfriend Alana Logan. "
"Hi Alana," said Rebecca "This is my boyfriend Joe."
" Hi, " said Alana.
Alana was even prettier up close. She had long blonde hair, blue green eyes, a dimple in both cheeks and a smile that could sell ice to a polar bear.
"Are you two coming to the Sweetheart Dance tomorrow?" asked Dori Elizabeth.
Alana nodded "Yes Colby asked me last month," she said smiling at him.
She kissed Colby's cheek "Yep. I have to take my baby to the Sweetheart Dance, " he said smiling at her.
"So your happy?" asked Rebecca
Colby nodded "Very. Well it was nice seeing you again Rebecca. Maybe we will see you two tomorrow," he said "Come on Baby before we are late for Mr. Ryder's homeroom. "
"Nice to meet you Rebecca. Joe," said Alana .
"Yeah fantastic," said Rebecca forcing a smile.
They watched as Colby and Alana walked away.Alana snuggled into Colby even more as they walked.

Rebecca's POV

Joe left Dori Elizabeth and I at our lockers. Once he was out of ear shot range. She looks at me.
"I don't think that bitch is very pretty," said Dori Elizabeth.
"Who?" I ask.
"That one with Colby," she said.
"No she isn't pretty.She is drop dead gorgeous," I said as I flung my book bag into the locker.
" Bex are you okay? " she said.
"No," I said " Liz. I don't think I love Joe not in a way he is supposed to be loved. "
Dori Elizabeth raises an eyebrow "Then why the fuck are you still with him?!"
I sighed "Because these past five months he is been through so much. I didn't think breaking his heart was fair."
" Oh and stringing him along is? " asks Dori Elizabeth.
"I know," I said leaning against my locker "Liz what do I do?"
Dori Elizabeth shrugs "Beats the hell out of me I have never had two guys in love with me."
" Not helping Liz, " I said.
Dori Elizabeth put her hand on my shoulder "My best advice is you better figure things out before Joe and you get married."
I looked at Dori Elizabeth "Really?"
Dori Elizabeth laughed "Hey like I said I've never had two guys in love with me."
Fergal and Nigel joined us.
"Are you alright Bex?" asked Fergal.
I shook my head 'no.'
"Boy trouble still?" asked Nigel .
I shook my head 'yes.'
Fergal slipped an arm around my shoulders "Bex what does your heart and only your heart say?"
" I want.... " I was cut off by the homeroom bell ringing.
"I will see you guys. Come on Bex," said Dori Elizabeth dragging me into Mr. Graves homeroom.

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