Girl's Actually Do That?

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Narrator's POV

Joe had driven to Dori Elizabeth's house so she could pick up some clothes and other things to spend the night at Rebecca's house.
"Bex?" said Joe as they waited for Dori Elizabeth to come back out.
" Yeah? " asks Rebecca as To Love Somebody by The Bee Gees started on Joe's radio.
"Do you want to talk about it?" he asked.
Rebecca shook her head 'no' "All I want to do is go home. Take a shower and dive head first into a pint of Ben N Jerry's."
Joe smiled slightly "Girls actually do that?"
Rebecca nodded "Yeah we do," she said as Dori Elizabeth came out of her house .

Rebecca's POV

Dori Elizabeth climbed in back as Baby I Need Loving by The Four Tops begins.
"Joe I would have never pegged you as a sixties fan," said Dori Elizabeth buckling up.
" My Granddaddy was and I spent a lot of time with him growing up while my parents were working and well he would spin all these records. I fell in love with this music. "
I smiled "Motown was me Grand Da's favorite genre too," I said as Joe took my hand and kisses it " Well maybe next time I can take you to this little place I found my first week here. It plays nothing but Motown music. It is a pretty awesome place. "
"I'd like that," I said smiling.
Come See About Me by The Supremes starts and Joe, Dori Elizabeth and I are singing along as Joe drove us back to my house.
Joe pulled up in front of my house and he got out letting myself and Dori Elizabeth out.
"Rebecca I will call you tomorrow afternoon," he said holding me by my hips.
"Okay," I said.
He leaned in and kissed my lips.
"Goodnight," he said.
"Goodnight," I said.
"Goodnight Liz," he said.
"Goodnight Joe," said Dori Elizabeth.

Narrator's POV

Rebecca and Dori Elizabeth walked up the pathway to her house. She was about to open her door when Colby grabbed her hand.
"Rebecca wait!" he said.
"Colby I have nothing left to say to you please just leave me alone," she said opening her door .
Colby dropped her hand "Please," he said looking at her like a lost puppy.
"I'm sorry Colby. I can't," she said " I don't even think we can be friends anymore. "
She bursts into tears and went into her house.
"Liz?" said Colby.
"Colby not now," said Dori Elizabeth "Give her some time."
Dori Elizabeth entered the house and shut the door in Colby's face. He was still standing at Rebecca's door when his parents and Brandon got home.

Colby's POV

Brandon scared me when he came and got me off Rebecca's porch.
"Come on Colby," said Brandon .
"She said she don't think we should even be friends anymore Bran," I said tears spilling down my cheeks .
"Give her time bro. You probably shook her to her core by kissing her," said Brandon " What were you thinking? "
"I DON'T KNOW!!!" I shouted as I stormed into my house and up to my bedroom.
I looked out the window that I could see Rebecca's room. Her drapes were drawn and the light was off. I flopped onto my bed and I don't remember anything until the my dog Jinx licked my face the next morning.

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