She's Pretty Jojo

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Rebecca's POV

We walked into Leila's room. She was hooked up to monitors and had wires coming out of her from different parts of her body.
"Leila?" he said as he took his place next to her bed " I want to introduce you to someone. "
Leila's eyes fluttered open and she smiled when she saw her big brother. Leila couldn't have been no older than eight.
"Jojo," she said.
Joe smiled at her "Hey Leila. Leila this is my girlfriend Rebecca and her friend Liz."
Leila turned her head and looked at me "She's pretty Jojo," she said .
"So are you," I said.
Leila smiled at me "Thank you," she said.
I moved to sit on the edge of the bed and Dori Elizabeth took a chair across from the end of the bed.
Leila looks at Joe "Jojo where's Mommy and Daddy?"
Joe looks at me and I had to turn my head to hide the tears.
"Well," said Joe his voice breaking with emotion "Mommy is in the hospital but she has to sleep to get better," Joe wipes his tears " And well Leila, Daddy is with the angels now. "
"Daddy is with Jesus?" asked Leila.
Joe nodded "Jojo make him give Daddy back!" said Leila.
Dori Elizabeth couldn't handle that part "Excuse me," she said as tears fell from her eyes.
" Oh Leila I wish I could but Daddy had to get his wings, " he said.
Leila looks at me "Can you make Jesus give me my Daddy back?" she asked .
"Oh sweetie I wish," I said wiping my tears " I wish I could but like your big brother said it was time for your Daddy to get his wings. "
"It's not fair," said Leila.
"I know Baby Girl," said Joe kissing the top of his sister's head as he stood " I know. Will you be okay with Rebecca for a minute. I have to go talk to your doctor. "
Leila nodded "Okay Jojo," she said.
Leila and I watched as Joe left.
I turned to Leila "Are you okay sweetie?" I ask .
Leila shook her head "No. Now who is going to go the Daddy Daughter dance at my school?"
" Well maybe Joe will take you, " I said.
Leila shook her head "Jojo isn't my Daddy. He can't take me," she frowns " Everyone already makes fun of me already. Now I have no Daddy to take me to the dance."
"Oh Leila," I said sliding up to the top of the bed and wrapped her in my arms.
Joe and a nurse walk back into the room and found me cradling Leila whom is crying hysterically.
"Here Leila here is something to help you have sweet dreams," said the nurse. She put a needle into the IV hooked into Leila's arm.The nurse patted Joe on the shoulder "It shouldn't take long for her to fall asleep."
Joe nodded "Thank you,-" he said.
She nodded as she threw the needle into the biohazard bin.
We watched her leave before Joe turns to me.
"-Is she okay?" he asked as he watched Leila snuggle into me. She wrapped her tiny arms around me.
"Jojo I like Rebecca. She is nice. Can she stay?" asked a groggy Leila.
"I will until you fall asleep," I said kissing her temple .
"Yea," she said as she buried her tiny face into my neck.
Joe smiled "She is never like this with strangers Bex. You must have the magic touch."
I smiled at him "She is a great kid," I said as I heard Leila's breathing even out and I moved to adjust her so she could sleep.
Joe nodded "That she is. But Bex," he said.
" Yes, " I said standing.
"What was she crying about?" he asked.
"Not here," I said as motioned for him to follow me.

Narrator's POV

Rebecca told Joe about the Daddy Daughter dance at her school and how Joe couldn't take her because he wasn't her Daddy. With every word Rebecca spoke it broke Joe's heart. She took him into her arms and hugged him. When they broke from the hug he kissed her on the lips just as Colby was coming down the hallway from Ashley's room. Colby felt a sharp pain in his chest as he watched Rebecca kiss Joe back.
"Thank you Bex," said Joe.
" You're welcome Joe. Call me if you need anything. No matter the time, " said Rebecca.
Joe nodded "Ok. I will see you. I want to get back to Leila."
Rebecca nodded as she watched Joe enter Leila's room Colby tapped her on the shoulder.

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