School Sucks

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September 2003
Narrator's POV

Rebecca was up and ready for the first day of her tenth grade year at six am. Colby on the other hand well it was getting close to seven am and he was still snuggled underneath his covers. He opened his eyes slightly to see two flashes from a flash light dance across his bedroom wall. He smiled at himself as that was Rebecca. He flung the covers off of himself and went to his bedroom window. There in her window was Rebecca smiling at him.He waved and she waved back. He grabbed his whiteboard and wrote Good Morning Bex and held it up.
She smiled and looked at her whiteboard a few moments later she turned it and it said Good Morning Colby :).
He smiled and wrote How did you sleep?.
She laughed and wrote Good and you? she turned it around.
He wrote Fine. Are you ready for the first day?
She nodded and wrote Yes and r u? :-D
He shook his head and wrote No school sucks but as long as I see your smiling face I will be good he turned it around. He saw Rebecca blush as she wrote Stop Colby!So I will see you in a few?
He nodded Yes see you outside. :-)
Rebecca smiled to herself as she waved goodbye as Colby disappeared from his window to get ready.

Rebecca's POV

I pulled on my jacket and ran downstairs to wait on my porch for Colby since he had a car and would be driving us to Davenport High School for the first day of my sophomore year and his junior year. I don't know what it is but Colby gives me butterflies in my stomach. He always has even as kids he made me weak in the knees. Only thing is I wish I could tell him that.But at school we run with different crowds. At lunch he sits with his best friend Claudio and the other popular kids while I sit at a table with my only friends Dori Elizabeth Prange but she prefers if we call her Liz and Fergal Devitt. Like me they are considered weird because we stick our noses in books instead of parting and getting drunk or laid on the weekends.So here we were another year of being made fun of but I could care less well that's not entirely true because it does hurt but this year I was going to try and not let it effect me as much.
"Bex! Are you just going to stand there and make the porch look better or are you going to school?" said Colby breaking into my thoughts .
"Oh yeah," I said as I ran down the porch steps and I climbed into Colby's car.

Colby's POV

Rebecca climbed into my car. Today she was looking extra cute. In a pair of ripped blue jeans, a black tshirt under a plaid shirt, a beanie and black converse sneakers.She also had her staple leather jacket on.She threw her bookbag in the back with mine.
"Long time no see," I said with a smirk .
"You're an idiot Colby, -" she said rolling her eyes.
I smiled at her as I turned on the radio and I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden was playing. I looked over at Rebecca and smiled. She blushes and looked away from me.
"-Colby stop that!" she said.
"Stop what?" I ask.
" Looking at me that way, " she said still avoiding eye contact with me.
I lifted her chin and so she had no choice to look me in the eye "How am I looking at you?"
" Never mind, " she said shaking her head "Let's get to school."
She looks forward and I sighed as put the car into gear. I pulled away from the curb and we drove to school in silence.

Narrator's POV

Rebecca got out of the car.
"Thanks Colby," she said " I'll see you at the end of school."
Colby nodded as he watched as she hurried into school. He sighed. He was beating himself up as he had wasted a perfect opportunity to just kiss Rebecca. Her lips looked so pillow soft this morning and looked so inviting but he didn't take the opportunity to just kiss her.
"Colby!!!" yelled his best friend Claudio Castagnoli.
Colby smiled at Claudio who had his arm draped around the shoulders of his girlfriend of a year Ashley "Ash" Fleihr. They were with the king and queen of the eleventh grade Renee Paquette and Jonathan "Jon" Good.
"Hey guys," said Colby "How was your summers?"
" Daddy took us all to Cancun, " said Ashley.
"Of course he did," said Jonathan rolling his eyes " I spent all summer busting my ass at my father's auto shop and Miss Priss here is sunbathing in Cancun. "
Ashley giggled "It isn't my fault my Daddy is rich and yours isn't."
Jonathan rolled his eyes before kissing Renee's cheek "I'll see you later Baby," he said " I promised my Mom I would carry the boxes from her car to her class room. "
Renee nodded and kissed Jonathan on his lips "See you at lunch Baboon."
Jonathan left the group.
"Colby did you drive that Quin girl to school?" asked Renee smacking her gum.
" Yes, " he said looking at Renee "Why?"
" I mean ewww, "she said blowing a bubble "How could you she is like a total dweeb."
Colby shrugged "You may not be fond of her but she is nice. I like her," he said .
"Like like her?" asked Ashley making a face.
" No, " lied Colby.
"Good because she is a prude," said Claudio.
" Excuse me? " said Colby.
"Come on man she is tougher to break into than Fort Knox," said Claudio " You're never going to score with her. "
Colby rolled his eyes "Excuse me I don't want to be late for the first day of school."
" Since when, " laughed Claudio.
"Since I got my wheels," said Colby over his shoulder as he entered the school .
Ashley,Claudio and Renee laughed but followed Colby into the school.

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