Save A Dance For Me?

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Narrator's POV

Rebecca is getting ready for the party when she sees two flashes of light on her wall. She smiled and grabbed her whiteboard.
Colby wrote See you soon Bex.
She smiled and wrote Yep. Save a dance for me?
He smiled and wrote Always.
Rebecca blushes and wrote Bye Colby.
Colby smiled and wrote Bye Bex.

Rebecca's POV

Colby waved goodbye and left the window.
Ugh I thought He still gives me butterflies but so does Joe. Why is love so complicated?!
My bedroom phone rang scaring me half to death.
"Hello?" I said.
"Bex!" said Dori Elizabeth.
"Hey Liz. What's up?" I ask.
"Can you and your parents give me a ride to your step Dad's fiftieth birthday party?" she asked.
"Hang on let me check," I said.
I put my phone down and went to me Ma and Gary's bedroom.I knocked because I learned my lesson about five years ago when I was ten to knock before entering their bedroom because I caught them having sex.
"Enter," said me Ma.
"Ma can we pick Liz up for the party?" I ask.
"Of course," said me Ma.
"Thanks Ma. I will go tell her," I said.
"Rebecca?" said me Ma.
"Yes?" I said.
" You look beautiful, " she said.
"Thanks Ma," I said as she kissed my cheek.
I crossed back to my room and picked up my phone.
"Liz? Are you still there?" I ask.
"Yes," she said .
"We will pick you up. We are almost ready to leave," I said.
"Okay. See you soon," she said.
We hang up. I go to my full length mirror and look at my outfit.Gary's party was a masquerade party.

"Well this is as good as it gets," I said grabbing my mask

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"Well this is as good as it gets," I said grabbing my mask.
Richard knocked on my door "Ready Bex?" he asked poking his head in.
" Yeah, " I said.
I turned and Richard let out a low whistle "Wow Bex you look like a girl."
" Shut up Rich, " I said sticking my tongue out at him.
Richard chuckled "But honestly sis you look beautiful," he said smiling as we walked downstairs.
"Thanks Rich," I said.

Narrator's POV

Rebecca and her family leave their house at the same time Colby and his family do. Brandon and Colby are both shocked at how beautiful Rebecca looks.
"That's Bex?!" said Brandon his mouth dropped "Boy did she grow up," he said .
"Brandon!" said Colby.
"Sorry," he said with a smirk as he climbed into the back of their Mother's car.
Colby rolled his eyes before he climbed into the car. His heart was racing at seeing Rebecca. This was the second night in a row he had seen her in a dress but tonight she was even more beautiful. She wore her hair in light curls and in a half up half down style.

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