Love At First Sight

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Narrator's POV

Colby, Renee and Jonathan all walk into their first period class. They knew almost everybody but there was a new face in their first period French Class with Mr. Steen. A brick wall of a guy.
Renee let out a low whistle "Damn look at the size of that guy," she said " Baboon you would be a fool not to see if he wants to play football."
Jonathan nodded "I agree.-"
Jonathan walked over to the brick wall of a student.
"-Hey," said Jonathan taping the student on the shoulder .
The guy looks up at him "Hey."
" Jon, " said Jonathan.
"Joe," said the student .
"Do you play football?" asked Jonathan .
Joe nodded "I do. Why?"
" Well I am captain of the football team here, " said Jonathan.
"And," said Joe.
"I was wondering if you'd like to try out. Say today after school?" said Jonathan.
"Why the hell not," said Joe shrugging "Oh by the way do you happen to know someone named Bex Quin?"
" Bex Quin?! "said Jonathan "No I don't know anyone named Bex."
" Bex? " said Colby "I do. She's my best friend Rebecca Quin," he came over to Jonathan and Joe " Why do you want to know about her? "
"The cutie pie and I literally ran into one another downstairs," said Joe " Do you know if she has a boyfriend? "
Colby felt his heart be physically ripped from his chest.
"No," said Colby "She is single."
"Good," smiled Joe " Because for me it was love at first sight. "
Colby forced a smile "Great. She is an amazing person. Beautiful heart and soul."
Joe smiled "Great. Do you happen to know her schedule?"
" Umm yeah she has Spanish with Miss. Vega next period," said Colby.
"Where is that?" asked Joe.
" Room 256, " said Renee.
Colby looked at Renee with wide eyed "Renee!"
" What? " said Renee.
Colby shook his head "Never mind," he said taking his seat in the front of the room .

Colby's POV

Great just great I thought This new guy Joe is going to find Rebecca and ask her out. I know she'll say no because that's my Rebecca . But what what if she says yes?!! SHIT! I need to get to her before Joe does.
"Colby! " said Mr. Steen.
"Yeah?" I said.
" Care to join us? "he asked.
I looked around and the entire class was staring at me.
"Oh I uhh," I stammered "Sorry."
Mr. Steen shook his head and went back to teaching the class.
I shook my head to get rid of these damn cobwebs. Rebecca had cast a spell on my heart since the day we met.

Rebecca's POV

After first period Social Studies with Mr. Cena. It was off to Miss. Vega's Spanish class for Fergal and I while Dori Elizabeth had P.E. with Mr. Strowman.
The guy I ran into just before first period is walking towards Fergal and I.
"Bex?" he said.
" Joe, " I said smiling.
"I was wondering if you'd like to catch a movie and have dinner with me this Friday night?" he asked .
My mouth dropped "Are you asking me out?" I said.
Joe nodded "Yeah," he said smiling " So what do you say? "
"I uhh," I said stammering "Umm."
Fergal nudged me slightly in the ribs "Bex!" he said.
"Oh!" I said "Sure."
" Great, " said Joe smiling as he handed me his notebook "Wanna write your number and address down for me so I know where to pick you up?"
I nodded and wrote my number and address down.
"Thanks cutie," said Joe as he wrote something down and ripped it from his notebook " Here is my number and address. I'll be seeing you around then. "
He gave me a quick peck on the cheek before he left.
I turned to Fergal who was standing there smiling like a Cheshire cat.
"What just happened?" I ask.
Fergal laughed "You just agreed to a date," he said .
"What does that mean?!" I said .
"Well it means we are going shopping after school," he said draping an arm around my shoulders as we walked to Miss. Vega's Spanish class.

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