Are You Okay?

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Narrator's POV

Rebecca is at her locker putting things into it. When Dori Elizabeth and Fergal join her.
"Hey Bex," said Dori Elizabeth spinning her combination lock at the locker next to Rebecca.
"Hi Liz," said Rebecca with a small smile .
"Are you ok Bex?" asked Fergal leaning against the wall next to Rebecca's locker.
"I'm fine," said Rebecca .
"Bex," said Fergal raising an eyebrow.
"Okay I thought Colby was going to kiss me this morning," she said .
Dori Elizabeth 's eyebrows shot up "Excuse me?!"
"Yeah he looked at me with those dreamy chocolate brown eyes of his and I blushed of course," said Rebecca rolling her eyes "Then he lifted my chin and he stared at me for a moment before saying something. I told him never mind because I panicked."
Rebecca put her head against her closed locker and she went to slam her head into before Fergal actually stopped her by putting his hand on her forehead.
"Bex don't give yourself a concussion!" he said as he put an arm around her.
"Ugh," said Rebecca looking up at the ceiling "Liz. Ferg. Don't ever have feelings."
Dori Elizabeth laughed "Sis calm down," she said with a smile " It's a crush. "
"Ugh if this is a crush. I don't want to be in love," said Rebecca shaking her head as the girls said goodbye to Fergal as they entered their homeroom.
Dori Elizabeth laughed "Well judging by the way you are neither do I," she said as they took their seats.

Colby's POV

I walked into my homeroom and sat down next to the window. I stared out the window as the events of this morning played threw my mind. I was so close to kissing Rebecca that I can still picture her lips in my mind. Why the fuck did I panic? Why didn't I just lean in and kiss her?!
I jumped when a hand is placed on my shoulder. I looked up to see Renee smiling at me.
"Are you ok Colby?" she asked raising an eyebrow .
"Fine," I said shaking my head of the cobwebs.
"Really?" said Renee " You looked like you were on a nice trip, " she smirked.
I shook my head "No just thinking."
" This and That, " I said "Football practice after school."
Renee nodded but looked at me like she didn't believe me.

Rebecca's POV

Dori Elizabeth and I walked towards our first period class after homeroom was over. We met up with Fergal as he was in our first period Social Studies class. I wasn't looking where I was going and walked right into a brick wall of a human.
I looked up and there stood a good looking guy.
"I am so sorry," I said.
He smiled "It's okay. I'm Joe Anoa'i by the way," he said offering his hand.
" Bex Quin, " I said smiling and shaking his hand.
"You wouldn't happen to know where room 314 is?I'm new here and I am lost."
" Oh yeah, " I said "Take the stairs down this hallway and make a left. I think it is the fifth door from the staircase on the right."
He smiled at me "Thanks Bex. I guess I'll see you around."
I nodded "Bye Joe," I said as we watched him weave threw the crowd.
I turned to Dori Elizabeth and Fergal.
"Damn," said Dori Elizabeth " He was fine! "
Fergal nodded "If I was into dudes that would be my first target," he said .
Dori Elizabeth and I looked at Fergal and laughed "If?" we said
Fergal blushes "Ok if I were you I'd jump on that! Did you see how he looked at you!"
Dori Elizabeth laughed "Yeah Ferg. I don't think we were even here."
I rolled my eyes "Quit it you two. Let's just get to class," I said shaking off the feeling that I was having .

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