But Rebecca?!

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Narrator's POV

Fergal and Dori Elizabeth found Rebecca crying on a sofa by the women's bathroom.
"Rebecca?" said Fergal cautiously.
"Go away Ferg," said Rebecca muffled as she had her face buried into the arm of the sofa.
"Bex," said Dori Elizabeth touching Rebecca's shoulder.
"Liz please, " muffled Rebecca.
"Bex come on. It's just Ferg and I," said Dori Elizabeth sitting on the sofa next to Rebecca.
Dori Elizabeth put her hand on Rebecca's back and rubbed her back.
"Why would he kiss me?" she asked still muffled.
" Rebecca? " said Colby from behind them.
"Probably not the best time Colby," said Fergal looking at Colby with a mixture of anger and sympathy.

Colby's POV

"I just want to talk to her," I said.
"I really don't think it's a good time," said Joe behind me.
Fergal, Dori Elizabeth and I turned around to see Joe standing there with Rebecca's coat in his hand.
"I don't really think you have a say in this," I said.
"No," said Rebecca " But I do. "
We looked at her.
"Rebecca please," I said .
She shook her head "No. I don't think it's a good idea. You have done enough already tonight," she said as she grabbed her coat.
" Bex! " I said.
"No Colby," she said shaking her head as she shrugged on her coat " Just leave me alone. "
"But Rebecca?!" I said.
She shook her head no as fresh tears began to fall "Colby no," she said."And I don't think it's a good idea if I ride to school with you anymore either. "
"But Rebecca who will you ride with," I said .
"Me," said Joe draping an arm around her shoulders "Come on Bex. I already told your Mom I would take you and Liz back to your house. "
"Thank you Joe," said Rebecca resting her head on his shoulder "Bye Ferg."
" Bye Bex, " said Fergal kissing her cheek.
Fergal and I watched as Joe lead Rebecca and Dori Elizabeth out of the banquet hall.
Fergal turned to me "What the actual fuck were you thinking kissing Rebecca like that?!"
" I-I-I-I-I don't know, " I said looking down "It was just the song, her lips looked like they needed," I flopped onto the couch " Fergal I don't know what came over me. I have mixed emotions. "
Fergal sat down next to me.
"Colby are you in love with Rebecca?" he asked looking at me with earnest eyes.
I swallowed hard "I am," I said looking at Fergal.
Fergal frowned slightly before looking at me "Then you fight for her," he said.
" But she said, " I began.
"I know what she said Colby," he looked at me with his blue eyes blazing with empathy " But it's what she didn't say that you should be listening to. "
"What she didn't say?" I said more confused then I already was.
"Yes," said Fergal "Her eyes said more then she did."
" Excuse me her eyes?" I said.
"Yes," he said "Her eyes said come to me."
" They did? " I said.
Fergal nodded "Yes. Now go!"
"I can't," I said shaking my head " I'll just screw it up more than I already have. "
I left Fergal sitting on the sofa "Chicken shit!" he yelled after me.
I entered the banquet hall again only to be approached by Rebecca's step cousin Janice.
"Would you care to dance?" she purred.
I looked at her for a moment "Sure why not! I've already made a mess of things," I said offering her my arm and she happily took it as I lead her to the dance floor.
I spun her onto the dance floor as Are You Lonesome Tonight by Elvis Presley begins. She smiled at me as she looked up at me threw her eyelashes.
I swallowed hard as I fought tears as the song plays.
"Are you alright?" asked Janice .
"I'm fine," I said.
"Do you want to go somewhere else? I can get your mind off all your problems," she said smiling at me seductively.
I looked at her "What?" I said.
"I can make you forget about Rebecca," she said point blank.
"I'm sorry," I said "I can't."
" What? " she said "Most guys would kill for me to fuck them," she put her hands on her hips " And you're giving up the opportunity because of her?! "
I shook my head "You wouldn't understand," I said shaking my head as Don't Worry Baby by The Beach Boys starts.
"No you don't understand," said Janice " I give the best blow jobs and you're walking away from it. "
"Janice I think it's time to find love for yourself," I said walking away from her.

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