You're Going To Catch Flies

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Rebecca's POV

I sit the outfit that Fergal picked out for me on my bed after school. I wanted to grab a shower before getting dressed. As I was preparing to go to the bathroom I see two flashes of light on my wall.
I turned and see Colby standing there in the window he waved and held up the whiteboard Can you talk?
I grabbed my whiteboard and wrote Sorry I am getting ready for my date. Maybe after? I turned it around.
I watched Colby's face fall he wrote Can't headed for Renee's party. Tomorrow?
I sighed and wrote Sure. Lunch?
He smiled and wrote Denny's?
I laughed Duh of course.
He laughed Bye.
I wrote Bye.

Colby's POV

I watched as Rebecca turned and left the room. I sighed and flopped onto my bed. Ugh this was hard!!! I am going to a party that in all honesty I didn't want to go to. But I had promised Renee I would come so I was a man of my word.

Narrator's POV

Rebecca showered and got dressed in the outfit Fergal had put together.
Her outfit

Rebecca's POV

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Rebecca's POV

I walked downstairs and my brother Richard was home from college for the weekend doing laundry and he was also home for our step Dad's fiftieth birthday tomorrow.
"Bex is that you?" he asked as he stood at the bottom of the steps.
"Yeah Rich," I said smiling.
" You look beautiful Bex, " he said as he helped me down the last three steps.
"Thanks," I said.
" Colby is one lucky guy, " he said.
"I am not going anywhere with Colby," I said "It is the new student at school Joe.He asked me out the first day of school after clumsy me ran smack dap into him," I giggle .
"Well I guess I have to give him the once over once he gets here," said Richard with a smirk .
"Rich! No! Please!" I said.
Richard laughed and placed a hand on my shoulder "Bex calm down," he said " But I do want to meet him to let him know not to mess with my little sister or he will have to deal with me, " he looked at me like there was no way in changing his mind.
"Fine Rich," I said " But I think he might be able to wipe the floor with you. "
"Oh come on now. He's a high schooler," said Richard rolling his eyes .
"Ok," I said with a shrug " Don't say I didn't warn you, " as the doorbell rang "I've got it Ma!"
I open the door and there stood Joe in a suit holding a bouquet of sunflowers and a box of
"Mint chocolate. I heard it's your favorite," he said smiling .
Richard stood there his mouth agape.
"Rich you're going to catch flies," I said looking at him with a smirk.
"Shit they are making high schoolers out of brick now?" said Richard.
I giggle "Forgive Rich his brain goes on vacation sometimes and it doesn't inform him," I said looking at Joe " Come on in me Ma and me step Da want to meet you. "
Joe smiled "Ah there is the Irish accent. You're not angry are you?" he asked.
"No," I said blushing " It comes out when I'm nervous too. "
Joe smiled as he shut the door.
"Holy shit!" said Richard as he cranes his neck upwards Joe had at least seven inches on him.
" Ma! Gary! Joe is here, " I said as they came from the kitchen "Joe Anoa'i this is me Ma Annette and me step Da Gary. Ma. Gary. This is Joe Anoa'i," I turned " And you met my brain dead brother Rich."
Richard blinked at me "Hey," he said.
"Welcome back Rich. Have a nice trip? " I said.
Richard stuck his tongue out at me.
"Enough you two," said me Ma.
" Sorry Ma, " we said.
"Nice to meet you Joe," said me Ma extending her hand.
"Nice too meet you ma'am," he said .
"Joe. Gary Reynolds," said Gary extending his hand and Joe shook it.
"Mr.Reynolds," he said with a smile .
"Now this is our Rebecca's first date," said Gary.
"Gary!" I said covering my face.
" We expect you to treat her with respect and have her home by midnight, " said me Ma.
"Mrs. Reynolds I will treat your daughter with all the respect I expect any man to treat my sister. So you have my word I will not try anything with her," he said looking at me with smile "I will treat her like the lady she is."
I smiled and blush as I looked at me Ma and Gary "Can we go now?"
They nodded as me Ma gave me a kiss on the cheek.
"Have fun," she said.

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