Hey!Do You Want To Do Coffee?

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Narrator's POV

Early the next morning Colby saw two flashes on his bedroom wall. He smiled as he knew it was Rebecca. He got up and there was Rebecca standing in the window smiling at him.
Hey! Do you want to do coffee? she had written on her whiteboard.
Colby smiled You had me at Hey! he wrote.
Rebecca rolled her eyes See you in ten minutes?
Colby smiled Can it be twenty? I need a shower.
Rebecca nodded and she wrote Sure. See you in twenty. My back porch?
Colby laughed and wrote My favorite café!

Rebecca's POV

I rolled my eyes but wrote Mine too. See u soon Colby.
I waved goodbye to Colby as he disappeared from the window. I had so much to talk to him about!!!


Joe and Rebecca pulled up to the movie theater on Pine Avenue that showed previously released in the years such as Grease which they were going to see. After parking the car Joe rounded his car and opened the door for Rebecca.
Joe offered Rebecca his arm and she happily took it. They entered the movie theater and Joe bought a popcorn, some M & Ms and a drink for them to share.
After the movie Joe drove to an ice cream shop that they had driven by and bought Rebecca an ice cream cone.After that Joe drove Rebecca home. He walked her to her door.
"I had a great time Bex," said Joe with a smile.
"I did too," she said smiling before she looked at the ground .
Joe lifted her chin and their eyes connected. They both smiled and before Rebecca knew it Joe leaned in and kissed her!!!!! Rebecca panicked at first but she returned the kiss.
Joe pulled back and smiled.
"Can I see you again?" he asked.
"Yes," she said nodding "I'd like that."
" How about tomorrow? " asks Joe.
"I can't it's Gary's fiftieth birthday and we are having a party for him," she said "Maybe you can come and be my date."
"I'd like that," said Joe " Until tomorrow. "
Joe kissed Rebecca on the cheek before he took his leave.
Rebecca covered her mouth where Joe had kissed her the first time. A smile spread across her face and she unlocks her front door.She runs upstairs she had to tell Colby everything!!!


Colby's POV

I think I showered and got dressed in record time.I was downstairs and out my backdoor with five minutes to spare. I crossed my backyard and jumped the Quin's fence. I saw Rebecca sitting at the garden table on the deck. She had her long brownish red hair up in a ponytail and she wore a oversized hoodie (mine BTW) and gray sweatpants. She waved at me and then picked up her oversized mug. She took a good long drink.
"Hey Colby," she said smiling over the coffee cup.
"Hey Bex," I said taking a seat next to Rebecca "How was your date last night?"
" Fun, " said Rebecca smiling "At the end of the night he kissed me!"
I nearly choked on coffee "Excuse me?" I sputtered.
"Colby I got my first kiss!" she said smiling.
"Oh Congratulations," I said forcing a smile "So are you seeing him again?"
Please say no!!! I thought.
"Yes," she said " As a matter of fact I am. Tonight he is going to be my date for Gary's fiftieth birthday party. "
"Oh goodie," I said quickly taking a big drink of coffee .
"Your family is still coming right?" she asked her eyes full of hope.
" Of course we wouldn't miss it, " I said.
She smiled widely at me "Good because I'd like you and Joe to get to know one another."
"Okay," I said faking the biggest smile in history.

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