Rebecca's Story

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The name is Rebecca Marie Quin. But I prefer Bex. I have an older brother Richard who is three years older than me. My parents separated when I was one and finally divorced when I was four.We lived in Ireland until I was eight and then my Mom got a job over here in Davenport,Iowa. So Mom, Richard and I moved here three days before I started third grade. My Dad came to the states a year later when he landed a job at Davenport General Hospital.My parents are both remarried. Mom married Gary Reynolds when I was twelve and Dad married Veronica "Roni" Garrison when I was fourteen.I primarily live with my Mom and Gary. I stay with my Dad and Roni on weekends, holidays and for a month and half during the summer.
We moved in next door to the Lopez family. The family consists of a Mom Holly, a step Dad Bob and two boys Brandon who is a year older than Richard and Colby who is nine months older than I am.
Since the day we moved in Colby and I have been best friends even if he is a grade ahead of me because of how his birthday fell.
But in school I am really not as popular as Colby is. Colby plays football, basketball, runs track and plays baseball. While I am normally found in the library with my nose stuck in a book. But Colby and I are friends but there is one thing that Colby doesn't exactly know about me and well the only two who do are my only friends at the school (aside from Colby) Dori Elizabeth "Liz" Prange and Fergal Devitt (who like me moved from Ireland when he was eight) I have a HUGE crush on Colby.I can't Colby is sweet and kind and wonderful and oh who am I kidding I could go on forever. Then on top of it all he is drop dead gorgeous!!! His smile alone can make me weak in the knees.But he only sees me as his best friend.
What else can I share about me.... Oh I have a dog a chocolate lab puppy Hershey.

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