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Burning it down with straight fire by soullesslibra
Burning it down with straight fireby soullesslibra
This is just a serie of one shots of the scenes I imagine between Becky and Seth, because I am basically Rollynch trash 😂 I just thought I could share it with other pe...
Alliances by hazymays
Alliancesby hazymays
After a round of successful years in WWE, Becky Lynch shocks the world after news leak that she has signed with AEW. Becky's last year in World Wrestling Entertainment w...
Knot in Love by combatfaerie
Knot in Loveby combatfaerie
Two times Seth needed Becky's help with his tie and three he didn't. (Timeline AU spanning 2017-2021.)
Red  by hazymays
Red by hazymays
Bex, as her friends adore to call her, met Tyler at Ring of Honor's 2009 Final Battle. After seeing a grueling match against Austin Aries, she saw a young guy with eyes...
Fiend Zoned by combatfaerie
Fiend Zonedby combatfaerie
The Fiend might be feuding with Seth Rollins, but that doesn't mean Becky Lynch isn't in his sights too.
Brollins Photos and More by unicornloverb
Brollins Photos and Moreby Beth
Pictures and more of Colby Lopez (Seth Rollins) and Rebecca Quin (Becky Lynch) together, separate and with friends.
Pompeii by hazymays
Pompeiiby hazymays
A sorta of coming of age story, where Becky tries to find herself in Chicago next to her best friends, Finn, Mox, Sami and Kevin. And where Seth Rollins is the new kid a...
Say it like you mean it, do you trust me now? || Brollins by thefourhorsewomens
Say it like you mean it, do you thefourhorsewomen
After Becky sustains an injury while invading Raw before Survivor Series, Seth appears at the hospital; half to check on her, and half to scold her for being reckless. W...
From Dusk Till Dawn || Brollins One Shot by thefourhorsewomens
From Dusk Till Dawn || Brollins thefourhorsewomen
AU in which Becky loses her match against Charlotte at Fastlane and is removed from the Wrestlemania 35 main event. Seth is there to support her and make her feel better...
Say you love me, Fala Amo || Brollins by thefourhorsewomens
Say you love me, Fala Amo || thefourhorsewomen
After Seth loses his Universal Title to Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules, Becky is the only one who can give him the support he needs. Some fluff and cute moments between B...
Lass Ride: Crossroads - The Messages by combatfaerie
Lass Ride: Crossroads - The combatfaerie
A follow-up to LASS RIDE and LASS RIDE: CROSSROADS. The Shield and the Four Horsewomen leave messages for Becky. Note: This won't make much sense if you haven't read LA...
Just wanna be with you by lynchxbanks
Just wanna be with youby ❤️
Rebecca takes full custody of her friends (that passed) daughter. Along the way she has her best friends help her. But once she starts seeing Colby as more of a friend...
lovers by hazymays
loversby hazymays
"At first it was a little whoa whoa whoa, we're friends, we work together ahahah i don't know about this, maybe this is a bad idea, we both were like no no... but h...
Strange Bedfellows by combatfaerie
Strange Bedfellowsby combatfaerie
One-shot based on the interview where Becky Lynch mentioned sleeping with the belt (and Seth Rollins confirmed it).
How Quick the Sun by combatfaerie
How Quick the Sunby combatfaerie
A Rollynch/Brollins high school AU. Seth wants two things more than anything else in the world: to leave the small town he's living in, and to become a professional wres...
Lass Ride: Bonus Scenes by combatfaerie
Lass Ride: Bonus Scenesby combatfaerie
These are bonus scenes for LASS RIDE: 'deleted scenes', what-ifs, scenes that won't fit in the chronology any longer, etc. You don't need to read these to follow along w...
number neighbor by hazymays
number neighborby hazymays
one shot three part au • seth&becky number neighbors. "hey there number neighbor! so this is that new viral thing that's going on where you sent a text to your numb...