She's a Wild One

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Narrator's POV

Rebecca and Joe are coming out of her house as Colby is walking to his car.Colby heard Rebecca's familiar giggle and he looked up on the porch. His mouth dropped when he saw her coming down the front steps on Joe's arm. She was gorgeous. She wore a dress!! His bestie was in a dress and she looked radiant!!!
"Colby?!" said Rebecca.

Colby's POV

"Rebecca. Hi," I said as her and Joe approached me.
Rebecca smiled at me "You've met Joe right?" she asked.
I nodded "Hi Joe," I said.
"Lopez," he said offering me his hand.
I shook "Watch out for this one," I said with a smirk on my lips " She's a wild one. "
"Colby!" said Rebecca her eyebrows shooting up.
"Really?" asked Joe raising an eyebrow.
"Yeah," I said a laugh leaving my lips "She might have you reading War and Peace by the end of the night."
I smiled at her and she rolled her eyes before she punched me in the shoulder "Arse," she said.
I rubbed my shoulder and I looked at Rebecca with a smile "But you love me anyway," I said.
Rebecca blushes to her roots "Yeah I love ya as a friend ya dope," she said avoiding eye contact with me.
" Hey, " I said lifting her chin so our eyes could meet "I know ya only love me as a friend ya dope."
She smiled at me and my heart melted.
"Well the movie starts at eight and if we want to eat before the movie we should get going," said Joe.
" Alright, " said Rebecca "Bye Colby."
" Bye Bex, " I said "Have fun," I kissed her cheek.
"Thanks Colby," she said kissing my cheek.
I watched as Joe lead her to his car. He opened the passenger side door and helped Rebecca into the car before he shut the door and went to the driver's side. He climbed in and started the car. He pulled away from the curb and Rebecca waved at me as they went by. I waved back slightly.
I sighed and put my forehead against the car.
I cursed myself before climbing into my car to head to dinner with my friends before Renee's party.

Rebecca's POV

"So do you have any recommendations for dinner?" asked Joe.
" Well there is Kay's on Maplewood it's a cozy diner, " I said.
"How do you get to it?" asked Joe .
"Take a right up here on Oak Ridge and then a left onto Maplewood and Kay's is about a mile up on the right," I said .
Joe smiled at me "By the way Bex you look gorgeous tonight," he said.
I blushed "Thanks Joe. You look very handsome," I said.
He smiled "So where were we on Wednesday?" he asked.
"Ummm," I said tapping my chin " I think we were talking about siblings. Well you met Rich and I am still so sorry he was staring at you that way. "
Joe shrugs "Eh.I am use to it. It's not normal seeing a sixteen year old that is six foot five and nearly three hundred pounds."
I nodded "It has to be hard to be looked at like you're a narc."
"You wouldn't believe the looks I got the first day walking into some of the classrooms. The teachers even eyed me," said Joe pulling onto Maplewood.
"Let me guess you had old man McMahon for Geometry," I said.
"Yes. How did you guess?" he asked.
"He thinks everyone is a narc. Including me," I said " That man hasn't been right in his head since I started school elementary school. "
Joe chuckled "He taught kids?" he asked.
"No. Dori Elizabeth's cousin Julian had him when we were in third grade," I said " Liz and I heard horror stories from him and his sister Katy."
"Yikes," he said as he pulled into Kay's Diner's parking lot .

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