Being You

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Colby's POV

"What is Joe doing here?" I ask.
"His parents and baby sister where involved in the car pile up on the interstate. His Mom and sister Leila are here. His Dad," said Rebecca tears falling from her eyes "didn't make it. He asked if I'd sit with him and his sister for a bit. But now," she peers into the room as I did we see Joe holding a little girl's hand " Leila is asleep. "
I nodded "Do you want to stay here? I can go see Claudio by myself," I said .
"No I promised you I would be by your side when you saw Claudio and I don't intend to break my promise," she said taking my hand "Come on."
I smiled down at the sight that set in front of me.
"Okay," I said " And Bex? "
"Yes," she said as we walked towards the waiting room where the elevator was.
" Thank you, " I said.

Rebecca's POV

"For what?" I ask .
"Being you," he said.
" I don't know what that means but you're welcome, " I said.
"Just being the wonderful and amazing woman that stands here by my side supporting me with my friends who for some reason can't see how wonderful you are," he said .
"Colby!" I said stopping dead in my tracks.
"What?" he said turning to face me.
" You have got to stop saying things like that, " I said looking at him.
"Like what?" he asked.
"All those sweet things you say about me," I said looking up at him.
" Why? They are true, " he said.
"Colby," I said looking at him. He hit me with those chocolate brown eyes that have made my heart stop since I was eight. We stood there for the longest time just staring at each other in a random hall in Davenport General Hospital and before I knew it I was crashing my lips into his.

Narrator's POV

Colby pulled Rebecca to him. They both breath into the kiss.
Neither one are aware when Dori Elizabeth had come into the hallway to find them. She saw them kissing and did an immediate about face and left them alone.
Welp I know what we are talking about when we get back to her house thought Dori Elizabeth.

Colby's POV

Rebecca pulled back from the kiss first.
"Oh God! I am so sorry," she said covering her mouth.
I smiled "You have nothing to be sorry for Bex," I said.
"Yes I do," she said "I kissed you."
" In case you weren't aware I am not complaining, " I said.
"But Colby I have Joe to think about. He introduced me to Leila as his girlfriend."
I looked at her "And how do you feel about that?"
She shrugged "I don't know," she said tears welling up in her eyes.
"Well do you have feelings for him?" I ask .
"I don't know," she said as tears fell.
" Then Bex you owe it to yourself,Joe and me to figure this out, " I said feeling my heart break as I knew what I had to say next "And until then maybe you and I shouldn't hang out."
Rebecca looked up at me "But you're my best friend," she said.
" And you're mine but Bex I can't have it where you're constantly questioning if you and I are meant to be if you have feelings for Joe, " I said as tears spill down my face "So for now. This is goodbye Bex."
I kissed her cheek and left her standing there. I couldn't turn back to see her because if I did I know I would run right back to her.
"Colby!" she wailed as I stepped onto the elevator.

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