MUST READ (its harry)

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So. Leo would really like a new cover for THIS book. Please make sure that if you use a hand that its feminine. Harry has feminine features.

The book cover HAS to be 512x800 or it won't fit. I don't know how this works.


     Leo has mono and its causing him to be really sick. He has been emotional from medication and he has been crying.

     Yes, the last chapter didn't reallt make sense but Leo was looped up.

     We have to keep him cool for the medicine to work so we've been holding hI'm down until he would let us olace the icepack on hin.

     Yesterday malloree sat on the remote and turned the tv off by accident.

     Leo screamed and cried that the tv died. It took an hour to calm him down. Things have been going crazy and I am at lost.

     Please, send love to my baby.

     A couple days ago I had to helo him bathe and he screamed for ten minutes and I had to hold him for a while. He's really upset and I need to help him.

     I don't think he'll update for a while and he's been having such a hard time.

     Do what you can

     Send him love.

     And if you send a cover send to Naruto

Malloree judges them.

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