chapter 19

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"We are going to Paris...?" Harry asked, hugging the couch pillow tight.

"Yeah, why not?" Niall asked, watching the midnight blue paint chip off his nails as he scratched the pillow some.

"Uhm... no reason." Harry sighed, looking down.

"What sweetie?" Louis asked, kissing his boyfriends cheek.

"You know Louis... You know why I don't want to." Harry sighed.

"What do you mean babe?"

"My daddy is in Paris..." Harry whispered ever so silent.

"Your daddy is in prison." Louis said, confused.

"In Paris, You went to his trail Louis! You agreed that he goes to that one because its farthest away from me. But now I will be staying next to him. H-he will fine me and he will finish the job!" Harry's breath quickened.

"He won't. He won't, hey..." Louis placed Harry in his lap. "He won't."

"P-promise?" Harry whimpered, looking up at Louis seriously.

"Pinkie promise." Louis intertwined his pinkie woth Harry's midnight blue painted one.

"Okay..." Harry sighed. "We can go to Paris.."

"Paris. Paris PARIS!" Niall cheered, running to the back room.


"Gotta pee gotta pee gotta pee!" Liam yelped, running to the bathroom after they arrived at the hotel. While Niall was preparednto jump into the bed."It was an hour drive Liam... you peed before we left..." Zayn laughed.

"I have one working kidney."


"I SAID THAT ITS STUPID TO SMOKE." He sighed, relieving himself.

"The bed looks nice..." Harry said, eyes shining as he touched the comfy looking duvet.

"They are!" Niall said, looking at Harry from his burrito blanket self.

"You look like Dusty after we gave him a bath!" Harry giggled.

"Who's Dusty?" Said Zayn as he threw his duffel bag on their bed, apologizing when it hit Niall.

"He was my kitty cat." Harry smiled.

Louis shook his head when he sae the look of curiosity in Niall's face. 'Shut up Niall, don't ask.'



"Yeah.. daddy killed him... stuffed him in the washing machine and made me watch. I t-tried to save him!" Harry whimpered.


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