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Chapter 1

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Okay. So if you don't know, I wright other books as well. An I would like you all to know.

They suck.


"Ugh!" Was sounded from the living room of Harry and Lou's apartment. Louis just smiled fondly, thinking Harry was being dramatic until he heard a whimper. At that Lou's eyes widened and he ran out I the living room, watching as Harry has one of his episodes. (Keep in mind I do not know the FULL facts of Asperger syndrome. Please don't kill me.) Louis couldn't figure out why until he saw a smudged piece of nail paint on his nails. Which is more rare then finding a living dinosaur!

"I went them off! Cut my hands off! I hate them! I hate them! I hate them I hate them I hate them!" Harry let out a sob and Louis ran over and grabbed his wrists, careful not to smudge the work Harry's been working on. He wrapped Harry's arms around his neck, then he hugs harry.

"Shh... Don't say that. I love your nails, love em. You just made a smudge, smudges are okay! Right baby? I love you baby." Harry's small body was shaking and quivering, following the steps Lou was taking to the couch.

"I-I messed up, I-I'm such a freak!" He screamed.

"Oh baby... You're having an episode... Calm down. I got you, I got you darling." Louis whispered softly, rocking Harry back and forth.

Louis took his fingers and lifted Harrys chin gently.

"You know what this room needs; a smile." Louis whispered, smiling at Harry softly. Harry looked up at him an he smiles brightly, the tears stopped streaming and his cheeks still wet. Louis kisses his neck softly and Harry let out a giggle.

"I don't know what I'm going to do about tomorrow" Now you might be wondering, what's tomorrow?

Tomorrow is bring your partner to school for the rest of the year. Which started in fall. The partners who don't go to school go with there boyfriend/girlfriend.

Harry's not excited.

He's not good with people, especially people who've known Lou for years. Harry would get to go to the school and do partner activities.

Harry looked up at Lou and down at his messed up fingernail.

"I can fix that... Want me to paint that nail for you?"

"But you're horrid at painting my nails!!" Harry giggles, Louis landing soft kisses to his neck.

"Yeah but I'll be extra careful."


A few restarts an half a bottle of nailpolish remover later, Harry had his pretty nails.

"See... Not so bad. Now, lets take you to bed and you can sleep, hmm?" Louis asked, picking Harry up so gently Harry could barely tell he was off the couch.

"Mhm..." Harry mumbled.

Now, let me just tell you about Harry. He was born premature. His birthday was SUPPOSED to be on April 17th, but something went wrong and he was born February 1st. Harry was small, always has been, always will be.

Harry was only 5'1" which is okay, especially to Lou who was 6 foot 1 (yes he's tall as fuck) Harry only weighing 97 lbs and 3 ounces was very light. Very light.

With Harry his bedtime always came really early. About nine O'clock. He got tired easily, you make him jog for an hour and he can sleep two days straight.

Scared the shit out of Lou every time.

"Goodnight Haz..." Louis whispers softly, kissing his neck gently.


"Rise and shine darling! Ready for your first day of school!?" Louis shouted excitedly.

'Maybe if I pretend I fall asleep I don't have to go.' Harry thought to himself.

"I know you're up darling... C'mon. I'll even let you ride in my lap on the school bus." Louis whispered softly, kissing all over Harrys face. Harry shot up and giggled, running to his side of the closet in just his pantie shorts. Harry grabbed a pair of black skinnys, his white converse and one of Lou's lavender jumpers.

"Harry! C'mon hurry up!" Louis shouted, packing Harrys small Batman back back and his own. Harry wanted a tiny one, that's what he got.

"Umm cohmhing!" Harry shouted through the toothpaste foam. As soon as Harry rinsed off his toothbrush he ran down to Lou, hugging him.

"Don make me go... I don't want to talk to people."

"Sorry baby, it's just for a couple months. And then you won't have to do it again!" Louis said to the almost sixteen year old boy. Harry nodded and let Lou slip his backpack on for him. Louis would grab Harrys hand gently as they waited for the yellow bus. Louis didnt want to use has so he rode the bus.

"Here it is!" Louis said happily, pulling Harry up the stairs with him. Harry looked around the bus, whimpering and looking around.

There were people all around, with there obvious dates. Some looked nervous and others... He gripped Lou's hand tighter and walked with him to the back of the bus, sitting Harry in between his own legs.

"It's an hour long ride sweetie, So go ahead and sleep. I'll hold you the hole time, I'm just going to talk to some people okay?" Louis whispered softly, rocking Harry gently.


Once they arrived Lou practically dragged a sleepy Harry out of the bus.

"Hey guys!" Louis shouted, walking over to a group of guys. Harry held his ground, not letting Louis take him anywhere.

"Uh.. Harry?" Louis looked back and sighed as he saw Harrys head shaking back and forth, tears streaming down his pale face.

"N-no... I-I can't. Please don't make me go!" Harry whimpered, crying softly.

"Harry..." Louis held him gently, kissing Harry's button nose that he new Harry hated.

"Shh... It's okay. I'll carry you. I'll carry you all the way there, I'll take good care of you. Are you ready because I need you to jump." Louis lifted Harry into his arms and smiled softly.

"Kissy Kissy where's mister fishy?" Louis whispered, smiling when Harry gave him a soft kiss. Louis carried Harry to the group of guys. Three.

"Harry... This is Liam, Niall, and Zayn. Liam, Niall, Zayn. This is my boyfriend, Harry. Harry, all three of them are in a relation ship." Louis whispered softly. Harry was still crying and the other three cooed.

"Oh... He's so precious." Niall whispered, smiling at Harry.

"Yeah... He is."


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