Chapter 4

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Quite mature scene. Not sex.


"Hmm... Harry baby. Time to wake up." Louis smiled, kisses the poor snot nosed boy. Poor baby Harry, got a cold from sleeping on the floor!

"Lou... I 'don 'wan up, Cuddle. I 'wan 'tay in the s'bed..." And Louis couldn't help but 'awe' because sleeping Harry is so fucking cute!!

"I'm sorry baby. But don't you wanna get to the hotel? We're going to let you take your nap because we have a bit of a drive." Louis smiled, picking Harry up gently.

"Nooo!" Harry whimpered, starting to cry.

"What? Harry... Something's going on. You need to relax. Calm down, calm down and I'll kiss you." Louis whispered and Harry sniffled more. Louis landed a kiss onto Harrys chin.

"Hmm... I love you. I love you. Would you like me to rub your thighs? We'll be in the back seat, so you can just sleep with nothing on." Louis smiles.

"But it's so cold.." Harry whispered.

"I'll have a blanket. Nice and soft for you. Little sickie Boo. You're my prince."

Harry giggles and sneezes, his head going into Louis shoulder. Louis chuckled and walked out of the plane, climbing into a car and laying a sleepy Harry on his chest.

Once everyone was in, Louis smiled at Harry.

"I'm going to leave Harry undressed okay?" Louis whispered to the rest of the group.

"I'm going to leave this soundproof. I'm pressing the button." Perrie pressed a button on her side of the door and a divider went up, blocking the two boys from everyone else.

"We'll then, Lets undress you darling. I think there's some lotion in that bag, get that?" Louis smiled when harry grabbed the bottle handing it to him. Louis chuckled and grabbed Harrys shirt, tugging it off.

"Lou-Lou... Can you do that thing. I want you to make me feel pretty again. I wanna feel fuzzy." Harry looked at Louis, watching as he tugged off Harrys pants.

"Alright baby. Can you lean your back on the side on the car and face me?" Louis smiles and Harry nodded, pulling his legs to his chest.

"I'm going to make you feel nice..." Louis whispered, kissing the fabric of Harrys panties. "Hmm.. You're so sensitive. I love that. I just want to make you come a thousand times." Louis whispered, rubbing Harrys thigh gently. Decided on leaving lotion for later.

"L-Lou...." Harry whimpered and Louis kisses the start of Harrys length. He rubbed it gently with his hands, making Harry come just from a few strokes. "A-ah... Ahh..." Harry let out a hushed sound, whimpering as Louis kept stroking his dick. "I-I can't..." Harry let out a cry and whines, reaching for Louis again. Louis smiles and places Harry on his lap.

"Darling... I love you." Louis smiled, kissing Harry. He grabbed a rag from the bag and whipes Harry clean.

"Want me to rub your thighs now? I'll get the nice lotion and you can sleep." Louis whispered softly, grabbing the lotion and spreading Harrys thighs before rubbing them more and more.

"Lou... I love you more. Gazillion times." Harry whispered, letting Louis pamper him softly. Louis chuckled and noticed the bit of Pubic hair, thinking a bit.

"I think we're going to get a wax this time..." Louis mumbled.

"W-What? No! I-it's fine." Harry squeaked. Louis pulled a bit on the hair that was growing above Harry's length. "Darling, it's growing. Don't you wanna look pretty when I make you feel good?" Louis, rubbed Harrys thighs a bit more. "And your legs, getting a bit hairy. Are you tired of shaving all the time." Louis whispered.

Harry nodded a little and Louis smiled. "Whenever we get the the cabin then we can give you a wax." Louis smiled, rubbing Harrys flat tummy.

"Darling... I love your tummy." Louis chuckled.

"Nuh-uh... Got pudge." Harry sighed, squeezing the bit of pudge that was formed on his tummy.

"I love your pudge... And you're basically flat anyway!" Louis chuckles, continuing to rub Harrys thigh. "Hmm..." Harry would hum. He loved this, he snuggled into Lou and grasped the blanket.

"I wanna be kissed." Harry asked. well, told

"Hmm.. How could I say no to that my darling prince? Kissy Kissy?" He kissed Harry during the ride, harry falling asleep.

Lou's cute little boy!


Sorry I didn't update. I was in a bad mood an really sick.

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