Its Harry!!

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Hi guys! I'm Harry. I HACKED JAXX I actlly stole jaxx's phone.
His real name isn't jaxx we all call him that an he doesn't like his real name :( my baby.

So I jst want to tell u bt him.

He's adorable, really short. He's also very very small. I love him to the point that I just want to cddl him and hld him forever!

I honestly cant time, 4 realzis. :) don't kill me.

So yeah, I read his book. It's cute. Actually is based on a little bit of a true story. I won't tell you which parts.

Back to my baby. He's real sweet, he has a lip piercing, his hair is ALMOST purple. It's so lovely. Maybe I'll have him post a photo of himself on tumblr. GO FOLLOW HIM ON TUMBLR. His name is Photo-Louis

He's seventeen years old. He's so adorable.. Again, adorable. The photo I'll post on his tumblr makes me wanna cry. It's the best photo ever. It was before he got leukemia. My baby boy. My little princess. My everything.

He means so much to me, so don't just tell him to do that. ENCOURAGE HIM. Go to his tumblr and TELL HIM YOU LOVE HIM! He's havn such a hrd time and I just want him to enjoy what he has.

Today after I showered I wnt to my rm and saw him crying on are bed! Yes, ours. He's so frustrated.. I just wish he would see himself so pretty...

He'll always be beautiful to me.

But I'm not dne!

He's kind of like Harry in his book. Likes puns, is not good with kids. (Well he is. He's just afraid.) he thinks he isn't wonderful. He wears these purple lace panties that just make him so sexy!! I'm not even kidding. Seriously, it's hot, as fuck.

I just wish he saw would I saw.

Go to his tumblr, he hasn't used it much. He doesn't repost things because he has no one to watch. He has a twitter as well but he won't tell me what it is.

C'mon, I mean. IM HARRY I should know!? Right?

Anyways, you don't have to follow him on tumblr, maybe on wattpad? If you don't have tumblr encourage him through wattpad. Writing is his dream!

Want to hear what happened with us today?

He was cooking in the kitchen, making himself a sandwich when he brought it to me.

I remember he giggled and he smiled at me. And he said something like <<you're s'pose to scream make me a sandwich, boob.>> and I said. <<I'm not a boob and I don't like boobs. I like you, I love you.>> and I gave him a large kiss and he smiled at me his amazing white smile

He told me he loved me for the first time that day. That was the day that I was so happy I remember we did like a full make out on the couch. Why did I tell you that.

Anywaysssss he just stopped his shower so I have maybe five minutes.

Remember, tumblr (mybe follow or encouraging ask) and wattpad (fllw or encouraging post.)

He does allow Anons so go do it. Now.

(It took me maybe three minutes to find the upload bttn)

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