Chapter 6 part 2

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I hate the movie frozen.

It's my least favorite Disney movie.

Disney can do so fucking better.

Worst. Disney movie.

WARNING: Harry is forced to wear a diaper in this one. But most likely just this chapter.

Harry gasped as he looks at the full body mirror.

He had black perfectly round ears on his head, an obvious headband. A black bubble on his nose, hooked with a string.

He's Micky Mouse.

"I want you to look at your shoes." Harry looked at them.


The shoes cover Harry's tiny feet, Harry smiling so happy.

"I-I'm.. I'm Mickey Mouse."

"Mhm... Little Mickey. My baby Micky!!" Louis picked Harry up and carried him outside, butting him on his feet.

Yes, butting him. Harry grabbed Louis' hand as Louis had Liam push the carrier.

Harry's stomach growled as they were walking down the lighted up street, the night starts glowing.

"Lets get you a snack. Want a chocolate covered pretzel and a white hot chocolate? Or something else." Louis asked.

"I want a soft pretzel, and I want some chicken and ranch, and I want some mustard or cheese for the pretzel. And I want a hot chocolate. AND A CHOCOLATE COVERED

PRETZEL STICK!" Harry screeched.

"Sweetie... Did you not eat?" Louis gasped, looking at Harry. He never eats this much, ever. I mean, Louis wouldn't care. Harry can eat whatever he wants, Louis doesn't care. But he never eats this much. Louis. Eats this much.

"I didn't eat... And I'm really hungry." Harry whines. Louis smiles and walks to a stand, grabbing a soft pretzel asking for mustard. Harry's asking of too much food at once. (I eat like this all the time.) Harry's tummy is too small to hold all of the sugar.

Harry ate, letting Louis take a couple of bites.

As soon as harry ate the pretzel he asked for the chicken strips and ranch. Harry are those, Louis sighed and looked at him.

"Darling... Don't eat too much alright?" Louis warned softly. Harry nodded and kept eating anyways.

"I wanna chocolate covered pretzel now." Harry looked up at Lou.

Louis sighed. "Yes darling." He's really worried! Harry never eats this fast. Harry still has his runny nose, he can't be more sick!

"Harry ate his pretzel stick, following louis very carefully.

"Harry, we're going to the haunted house. Do you want to?" Niall asked. Harry just quickly shook his head, hiding behind Lou.

"I-I don't like haunted houses. Lou-Lou. You can go, I'll stay." Harry murmured.

"Okay darling. Be careful." Louis sat Harry down next to all of their things and kisses his forehead.

They went inside, leaving an round ears Harry.


About fifteen minutes later, Harrys stomach starts hurting. He had to either vomit, or go to the bathroom.

"L-Lou.." Harry whimpered, sniffing the snot back in his nose and holding his stomach. He knew what he had to do, and he's dreading it.

"Lou!" Harry screamed, entering the house of his nightmares.

"Louis!!" He screamed louder, crying out.

Louis could hear his voice being called, his eyes almost falling out of his head.

"Harry!?" Louis screamed. He hears a shriek come from his lover, hearing a retching sound.

Louis ran, he ran so fast to find the boy who was obviously sick.

"Louis!!" He heard a sob, the whole crew now following behind.

"Harry!" Louis screamed, reaching the boy who was vomiting on the floor.

"Louis..." He whimpered, reaching for Lou to hold him.

"Baby..." Louis picks the messy boy up, grabbing his head an placing it into his neck.

"Shh..." Louis held him as Harry sobbed.

"Louis! My tummy hu-u-urts." Harry sobbed, holding on to Louis tighter.

"Shh.. Sweetie! It's okay. Let me feel your head!" Louis said, feeling Harry's head a little panicky.

"On no... You have a fever. And you had a little bit too much junk food... We might just have to get you to wear a nappy (diaper.) my darling..."

"No!" Harry whimpered, shaking his head. "I won't do it this time! I promise!" Harry cried out.

Now, Harry doesn't ALWAYS have to wear a nappy. It's just when he does it's because when he has a fever he can't hurry enough to get up and wee. He always wet himself and Louis talked to Harry's mum about it, accepting the fact that its something Harry can't help.

"I'm sorry baby... You have a fever! I won't change you, it's like a pull-up diaper. You'll use it like regular under-wear! It's okay..." Louis whispered.

"I dont wanna wear it!" The fifteen and a half year old screamed.

"Shh..." Louis carried him the whole way back, not caring that his arms got tired. Harry's midnight blue nailed hands wrapping around Lou's neck tightly as he carried him to the bedroom.

"No!!" Harry screamed, begging. "Don't do it!!" He kept screaming.

"Shh.." Louis walked into the bathroom, carrying Harry with him. He grabbed a nappy and laid Harry on the bed, forcing his arms off.

"Louis!! Louis please! Please I don't- I don't-" Harry sobbed uncontrollably, Louis grabbed him and held him gently.

"I got you. I got you! It's alright, no pain, happy happy. I want you happy happy. It's just till your fever's done yeah?" Louis asked, Harry nodded. He was sobbing so hard, louis removing the costume piece by piece.

Louis slid on the pull-up up Harrys legs, kissing Harry's thighs. "Darling... Sleep darling. You need to sleep so be a good boy an go nigh-nigh." Louis whispered, rubbing Harrys thighs as he Harry whimpered a bit.

"Go nigh-nigh." Louis said again, feeling Harry's forehead. "Go to sleep darling... Please?" Louis whispered, kissing Harrys thighs again.

"Love.... Lou." Harry whines.


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