chapter 17

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     (Remember this is based on a true story. Almost every part is real, except smut. Ew.)

       "Harry. Time to wake." Louis whispered, rubbing Harry's head gently.

     "Baby's coming home?" Harry smiled. The redness has gone away in his face and his fever has gone down.

     "They're already here." Louis smiled, kissing his cheek. Harry looked up to see Liam and Niall holdin Noali and Li holding Micki.

     "Baby's..." Harry smiled tiredly, standing up and picking Noali up.

     "Mhm... babys." He kissed Harrys cheek, taking Micki from Liam's arms.

     Harry went back to the couch tiredly, closing his eyes and placing the sleepy Noali on his chest, letting sleep rummage through his brain.

     "Is he alright..." Louis whispered, looking at Zayn.

     "He still won't look at the babys... he's scared." Liam smiled softly. Too bad Harry heard it.

     "Z-Zany don't like my babies?" He whines, looking up at Louis.

     "No sweetie! Z-zaym doesn't know the babies!" Louis then whispered, hoping Harry would let it go.

     "Zayn..." Harry walked up to him amd held Noali infront of his face. "Hold the baby." Harry demanded, holding the kind of giggly baby infront of the nervous Zee.

     "Babe.. I really don't think-"

     "Hold the baby." Harry demanded harsher. "I'd I can go to school with Louis and And leave my fucking baby then you can hold him." Harry stomped his foot and huffed

     "Hold the fucking baby!" And the tears pooled down, Zayn was quick to take the baby and hold them close.

     "There there! I have the baby!" But Harry kept crying and crying. The tears pooling down his face, so bad he had to cover his face.

     "If I keep holding the baby... will you please stop crying* Harry then let off a pitiful nod.

     When zayn kept hold on Noalk he smiled at the baby nervously.

     Harry looked at him and giggled, smirking at zayn. "You're so gullible."

     Everyone was then lookng at him in shock.

     "Baby... what did you do."

     Harry looked at him and shrugged. "I just want him to hold my babies!" He smiled and crossed his arms like he did the most sly thing ever.

     Everyone kept there faces on Harry, mouths open. The babies each looked at the faces and did so too, wanting to be part of the 'new trend' going on.

     "You guys don't know anything... I'm more sly then you think." Harry chuckled, his eyes suddenly widened.

     "School! Louis, Louis... I have to go to school and leave my babies!" And he was crying again.

     "Oh baby..." Louis let out a soft chuckle and hugged Harry gently.

     (Malloree wants to write the true true story of me and Harry. Would you like to read that..? I won't be writing it my sissy will. -> quick comment please.)

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