Chapter 6 part 1.

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"We're here" Louis kisses Harrys cheek gently.

"Hmm... Noo..." Harry whines.

"Yes baby! C'mon, I'll even put you in a pusher." Louis smiled, rocking harry softly.

Harry sighs and nodded.

Louis walked to the disabled adults part of the gate and asked for a carrier.

Its set up kind of like a baby carriage. When the baby faces the mother. This ones set up about like that, Harry's feet over the bar that Louis would use to push him. Louis waist would be inbetween Harrys legs. (Aspergers does not include disability. Harry's just sleepy.)

Louis placed Harry in the carrier, handing Harry a pillow.

Cute story about the pillow.

Louis was in class, they were making gifts for there partners. Louis decided to take one of his favorite tee shirts. He knew Harry liked to take naps with Lou, but when Lou was at school he would refuse to nap. He wants Lou, he can't sleep without him.

He hands Harry the nice smelling pillow, making sure it has Louis' cologne on it.

"Don't fall asleep darling, look at all the pretty Disney lights! " Louis rubbed Harrys legs, Harry looked around and smiles.

"Wanna go see Bell?" Louis asked. Harry sat up and let out a squeal. "AND BEAST!?"

"And Beast. We'll go see them. Then, we'll ride a log ride, and maybe do something else?" Louis smiles as Harry nods.

Niall looked at his two boyfriends."Zaynie! Li-Li. Can we go to that haunted mansion? Since its Halloween they said that they have an actual SCARY one. Can we go! People dress up as scary monsters and then they chase you. Please?" Louis heard Niall whisper, looking at Harry to make sure he didn't hear.

"Bell!!" Harry shrieked, getting off the carrier and running to the girl in a yellow dress.

"We'll hello!" She smiled, looking at the curly haired boy.

"Don't touch her!" The man with face paint screamed, he's playing character. Everyone knew that... But Harry.

Harry's eyes widened and he screeched, running to Lou with tears in his eyes.

"Aww... Poor boy." The girl in the Bell outfit looked at him sadly. She whispered.

"You scared the shit out of him, Kyle. He's really upset and scared, I think you pushed the act too far." She sighed.

"Sweetie, I'm sort for what he did. He had a bad day. Do you want a hug? It's okay to squish my dress." She smiled, hugging Harry who was still crying.

"My beast is very strong. And you seem to have one of your own! He loves you very much. Would you like a photo?" 'Belle' asked.

"Mhm..." Harry nodded. They all did a smile to the camera, hugging Harry.

After the photo, harry squealed and ran to Louis.

"I met Belle!" Harry screamed, jumping a bit.

"Yay! Ready to ride a ride?" Louis smiled, kissing Harry's forehead.

"Mhm!" Harry smiled, letting Louis push him into the carrier.


They were almost on the ride, harry out o the carrier as he rants about how he doesn't want to go. 'Its scary." He would cry out. But now they were being put into the log shaped boat.

"Change my mind!" Harry freaked, trying to get away.

"Oh no you don't!" Louis chases him around the way, picking him up and placing him in the log shaped boat.

"No!" Harry screamed. The man put the bars down and Harry cried.

"Get me out! I want out!" Harry screamed.

"Shh... Look baby." Harry sniffled and watched the story about the fox and the bear trying to grab the very fair Hair. (Poet.)

"Harry watched in amazement an he looked at the hill they were going up.

"What's going on?" Harry asked Lou. Harry was answered when he saw the large hill filled with water at the bottoms, his fear of heights hitting his ass like a mother who's really fucking pissed at her kid.

"No! I don't want to I can't want- AGH!" Harry let out a girly shriek, holding onto Lou for comfort. There was a loud crash.

Harry was soaked.

Once they got off, Harry looked around at everyone.

Everyone wasn't wet.

He was.

Louis hair was wet, half of his shoulder.

Nialls knee was wet.

Zayns side was wet.

Liam's waist was wet.

And Perries butt was wet.

Harry doesn't want to look at her butt. But he had to make sure.

"Harry baby? I brought some extra clothes. Wanna go dress in them?" Louis asked. Harry nodded and Louis brought him to a single bathroom. Shaped like a tiny house.

"Okay darling. Strip off your skinny jeans." Louis said, helpin harry kick them off.

"Now your shirt." Harry tried taking off his shirt, but his harms got stuck in the soggy mess. His body visible. Louis chuckled and ticked his underarms, kissing his neck gently.

"Louis!!" Harry screeched, giggling.

"Just giving you kisses!!" Louis pulled Harrys shirt off, kissing him gently.

"It's freezing in here..." Harry looked out a window, they could see out, no one can see in. "Snow..." Harry smiled, not realizing louis putting a me pair of skinnys on him. Bright red.

He then places a blak sweater on him, it hanging to his hips befectly. The sweater has a black knit and little yellow buttons on the bottom.

"Close your eyes." Louis whispered, kissing Harrys nose.

Harry closed his eyes, feeling a soft brush to his ears and a pin in his hair. He then felt something soft on his nose, feeling a chord on his cheeks.

"Harry, time to open them." Louis kisses him.

Harry opened his eyes, looking up at Louis who smiled.

"Look!" Louis turned Harry around...


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