Polished (Larry Stylinson AU)

Polished (Larry Stylinson AU)

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You're favorite nightmare By Larry_Tarry Updated Sep 23, 2015

Louis has always loved going to school. But he always dreaded the 'bring your partner to school year.' But now he has Harry! 
Short, small, cute Harry.
Harry had Asperger's syndrome. (Not a good thing FOR HARRY.)

Def: Asperger syndrome is often considered a form of autism. Can lead to difficulty interacting socially, repeat behavior, and clumsiness.

Harry. Has. Them. All.

But that's okay! Lou thinks that's okay. And Louis loves the way Harry's clumsy and how he always has to repeat every thing. Like his nail polish colors.
Wait- Nail polish?

 Harry's favorite thing to wear is nail-polish. It's light, never pushy. It doesn't make him feel small or clumsy. 

(If you can do your nails without messing up, you aren't considered clumsy.)

And with Harry's midnight blue nails.
He's practically unstoppable.
Cover by: EvouzAg

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