Chapter 3

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Louis smiled at Harry from his seat in the car. His cheeks were red and his nose even redder.

"Lou-Lou... I'm cold." Harry whispered. Louis almost didnt catch it, but he did.

"Darling... You wanna drive. It's warmer on this side." Louis whispered.

"But.. I don't have my license." Harry looked at him nervously.

"Yes. But you have your permit and I'm an adult. I'm 18. You can drive with me."
(In our state we can not do this.) Louis smiled and kisses his nose. Harry nodded and traded spots.

"U-uhm.. I don't. I don't want to anymore. It's-it's dark. And I-I." Harry let out a sob and Louis chuckled just a bit. He picked Harry up and got in the backseat of the car, pulling Harry with him.

"Shh... It's okay. I'm not going to make you drive darling. Would you like to go to the airport now?And you've never been on a plane have you?" Louis smiled.
"And guess what?"

"What..." Harry sniffled.

"The boys. They're coming with us. Niall and Liam and Zayn. They're coming with us. And Perrie. You love Perrie. She holds you and kisses you. You remember last time. She helped you take a nap when you were sick. She helped you stand when you couldn't. She's like a sister to me." Louis said, rubbing Harrys arm slowly.

"Really... We can go tonight?" Harry whispered. "Yeah baby. And do you know what Perrie said. She said we can ride in her jet. It's like a tour bus, We get our own bunk beds! And I'll hold you the whoooole time!!" Louis smiles and Harry looked at him.

"Lets go." Harry said climbing into the passenger.


"Yes Liam." Louis said.

"Nialls excited. He just wants to hug Harry." Zayns voice said through the cars Bluetooth speaker. "We're going to grab Niall and we'll be on our way. He's still sleeping. We'll be there at 11 (remember its night. So 11 at night)

"Great. I already called Pez and I'm meeting her there." Louis smiles. "See you guys soon."

"Bye." They both said. Louis drove into the VIP parking at the airport.

"Alrighty. Ready to go Boo." Louis said, looking at Harry.

"Mhm... I wanna ride the plaaaane." He yawned.

"Okay sleepy." Louis chuckled. Grabbing one of the suitcases and handing Harry the batman back pack.

Harry slid it on and they walked through the cool air all the way to the jet. Louis gently pushed Harry through.

"Hey Pezzie." Louis smiled, hugging her. Perrie smiled and looked at Harry.

"Hi baby... How are you this fine evening? Are you excited for the first plane ride?" Perrie smiled. Harry nodded and smiled as everyone else walked in and got seated.

Louis sat next to Harry. As the captain announced their depart. Louis buckled Harry into the seat of the plane. Harry's head lolling into Lou's shoulder, they were off whenever Harry fell asleep.

Louis picked Harry up, walking to the back of the plane. He gently places Harry into the bunk bed, getting in the one under him.


When everyone was sleeping, Harry fell off the bed and onto the floor. Harry whimpered and stood up, feeling a bang on his side. He looked down to notice a large bruise forming. He looked at Louis and climbed in the bed with him. Even though he tried to cuddle, louis would push him away in his sleep. Harry sniffles and fell asleep on the floor.


Louis woke up later that morning. Noticing Harry on the floor. "Oh baby..." Louis whispered, picking Harry up.

"You're shivering! Darling, c'mon baby. Wake up... Wake up Hazzy boo!" Louis said, rubbing his back. Harry woke up, whining.


"I know baby.. I'm getting you a blanket." Louis smiled, grabbing a soft blanket and covering Harry with it. Niall, who woke up earlier smiles a bit.

"Listen Hazzy... I really have to go to the bathroom. Ni's going to hold you okay? He's warm and he has some hot cocoa right beside him. He'll let you have some." Louis gently gave him to Niall, Harry looking around.

"Hi there Harry. I'm very happy to go on this trip with you" Niall said, rubbing Harry gently.

"I don't feel good..." Harry murmured. "I want Lou..." He holds onto Niall, second best thing.

"He has to go pee. Then he'll come get you." Niall smiled. Harry felt himself be raised in the air before sat back down to stand. As soon as he stood he tripped.

"Whoa there!" Louis said, catching him.

"Side hurts..." Harry mumbles. Louis brought him to a couch to lie him down. He lifted Harrys shirt and gasped a little.

"Sweetie. What happened?" Louis murmured, gently stroking the bruise with his soft fingers.

"I fell of the bed... Can you rub my thighs?" He asked again.

Of course how could Louis say no. He took Harry into the back room and laid him down an a larger couch. Harry's small bum handing off the end.

"I'm going to take your pants off, is that okay?" Louis murmured.

"Mhm..." Harry nodded tiredly, watching as Louis carefully took off the leggings. He then took of his panties, kissing his thigh before running them gently.

"You hand a lovely body." Louis smiled, kissing Harrys knees. "I'm going to show you that okay? I'm going to make you feel good." Louis smiled softly and Harry nodded.

Louis started kissing Harrys thighs, rubbing them, kissing them, licking them, blowing on them. He would do that to both thighs before he gently tickled Harrys length. Harry whimpered and looked around

"I don't.. What." Harry looked around frantically.

"Shh... It's okay. It's okay! Ima make you feel like the prince you are." Louis gently kisses up and down, making Kissy sounds every time. Harry moaned a little and Louis smiled softly.

Louis wrapped his hand around Harrys length, pumping up and down gently.

"I-I." Tears started pouring down Harrys face. The poor fifteen in a half year old let out a few sobs. But Louis didn't stop, he was aware it was out of pleasure.

"L-Lou... I don't know.. I-I."

"Shh... It's okay. I got you. I won't be able to speak in a minute. You might want me to stop. If you really want me to stop say Spider-Man. If you say stop I won't stop alright?" Harry nodded and Louis bent down, licking up Harrys length.

"U-ughn..." Harry made the sound, looking at Lou.

"L-Louis! I-I need you to stop. Stop. Stop!" Harry whimpered feeling a wave of pleasure hit him. "W-what's going on. L-Louis. I-I... Stop! I have to wee! Please stop! Please!" But Louis didn't stop. He kept going and Harry shot his load into Louis mouth gently.

Louis helped Harry through his orgasm, picking Harry up gently and helping him slip his clothes all back on. Louis covered him back up and smiled. "I'll rub your thighs when we sit back down alright. We should be In Florida by four." Louis carries Harry back to the main part of the plane, sitting Harry up and spreading his legs.

Louis gently rubbed his thighs. He made sure Harry was comfortable before he kept on massaging his thighs. He smiled as Harry started to fall asleep again, earning some fond looks from the rest of the plane.

Louis laid Harry down so they're head to chest. Harry inbetween Lou's legs and Lou holding Harry closely. Louis would rub Harry's cute little bum , give tiny kisses and rock him gently.

I love you.


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