Chapter 11

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(This chappy might get a tiny bit weird.)

"Louis!! How so we get them in the... Ungh..." Harry groaned, holding Micki and Noali carefully as he waits for Lou. It's cold and the baby's are in clothes too big for them! Harry's stressed and his finger nail polish is chipping!!

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" Louis smiled, running outside with two baby seats. He buckled the seats in and grabs Noali, laying him in his carseat and buckling him up. Harry gently sets Micki in, Micki let out a wail.

"What did I do!?" Harry yelped, letting out a cry. Harry has never been the best with baby's. None of the baby's his mother babysat liked him...

"Shh... He just doesn't like his carseat, Just buckle him in darling." Louis soothed. Harry quickly did so, rushing into the passenger seat. "I-I... Louis!!" Harry cried out, reaching out and hugging Louis tightly.

"Shh.. The baby's love you!! They love you... He just doesn't like his carseat, the carseat is scary to him! But he'll learn to like it. Shh... Baby calm down. Have you been taking that hormonal pills?" Louis whispered, kissing Harry's temple.

"Yeah... Makes my chest hurt." Harry whines, rubbing his chest.

"Well, we're going shopping. We'll get a men's breast pump, and bottles, and pajamas, and fun fun fun toys for the babies!!" Louis cheered, slipping Harry off his lap and smiling softly.

"Maybe we c-can get them matching.. Outfits?" Harry asked as they drove to the store.

"Yeah baby. We'll get then matching outfits. And maybe some outfits that will match their birthmarks? Won't the be sweet?"

"Mhm..." Harry nodded, he was tired but he's be fine.


They walk through the store, Harry smiling at all of the baby outfits.

"Lou... They're so cute!" Harry jumped up, giggling.

"Yeah baby. They are." Louis smiled, pushing the two baby's in the cart.

Harry was looking around, smiling softly and the cute socks.

"Hello Harry." Harry turned around quickly, not seeing anything. He turned back around, giggling at the socks.

"Harry?" Louis walked behind him, kissing his temple.

"Wha?" Harry looked up and Louis. "Baby... Look." Louis pointed to a crib" what colors?

"I-I want white." Harry mumbled.

"White? Just like your baby crib. How many times have you his your head on that from me tossing you around." A voice mumbled. Harry quickly turned around and looked at Lou.

"Did you hear that?" Harry mumbled.

"Hear... What?" Louis asked.

A man stepped out from behind the clothes and Harry let out a shriek.

"Daddy no!!" Harry pushed Louis away and stared at the figure infront of him.

"Harry!?" Louis quickly stood up, looking confused as Harry looks infront of him.

"Harry... Nothing's there." Louis whispered, kissing Harry's temple.

Harry's breath quickens. Louis quickly hugs him and rocks him.

"Hush little Harry... Don't say a word." Louis whispered to the shaking Harry, who lay limp

"Lou... H-he was here." Harry cried.

"He wasn't... He wasn't here." Louis rocked Harry, watching as his eyes fluttered.

"He was.." Harry's knees got weaker before they completely gave out. Louis catching him right before he hit the ground.

"Harry!" Louis examined his him. He pulled out his tongue and felt as it was dry, he sighed.

"When's the last time you drank water?" Louis picked Harry up, placing him in the basket part of the trolley.

Louis continued shopping, deciding to just get everything done.

He grabbed the men's breast pump, extra onesies, bottles, diapers in different sizes. (Noali was smaller the Micki.)

He paid, earning a coo from a couple of women who notice the baby's and Harry asleep. He then pushed them out to the car, putting everything up and placing the boys In the back, and Harry in the passenger.


Harry woke up to a suction on his chest and a something rubbery in his mouth. His eyes fluttered a little before the opened a tiny bit.

"Hello baby." Louis whispered, kissing Harry's forehead. Harry looked down to notice a bottle in his mouth, a baby's bottle.

"Sorry boo. But you needed some water and I couldn't wake you up. And I put you in your Jammies on. because I didn't know how long you'd be asleep." Louis whispered, pumping Harry's breast pump.

"You were very dehydrated.. I bet you were scared huh? Go take a nap. I've got you and I'll feed the babies."

Harry just nodded and closed his eyes, letting Louis soothe him back to sleep.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy... When sky's are grey. You'll never know how, how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away." Louis whispered, letting Harry fall back asleep.


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