Chapter 8

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"Lou-Lou... Can I wear the peach ones?" Harry asked, wrapping the pink towel around his small body.

"You wanna wear these?" Louis held up a pair of pink panties instead, joking with Harry a little.

"No..." Harry shook his head. "Peach." Pointing at the peak pair at the top of the suitcase.

"Oh... These?" He held up a royal blue pair.

"No!" Harry whines. "Peach!!" He sighed, looking at his nails that needed a repaint.

"These?" Louis asked.

"I'm not looking." Harry stated. "You're being a dick, fuck you." Harry whined, falling backwards into the bed.

"Mister! Watch your language you naughty naughty boy!" Louis smirked, kissing Harry's lips.

"Watch you gonna do?" Harry asked, smiling and looking up at Louis.

"I'm gonna use a special toy." Louis whispered into his ear, kissing his neck and looking through his own suitcase. He grabbed an object that looked like a stick with a diagonal oval on it.

"This, my little mouse, is a pleasure wand." Louis smiles.

"Pleasure... Wand?" Harry asked.

"Pleasure wand." Louis confirmed. "Here." He grabbed Harrys hand, placing it at his palms, an turned it on. Harry watched as the object vibrated in his hand.

"W-wow... But I don't feel anything..." Harry's eyebrows furrow.

Louis chuckled. "Because that's not where it goes silly!" Louis chuckled, pushing Harry down and kissing him gently.

"Hmm.. -where does it- go." Harry said in between kisses.

"Well... It can go.. Here." Louis said, attaching the bulbed side to Harry's nipple. Harry let out a gasp, clenching his legs.

"An.. Here." Louis places the bulb at Harry's belly button, knowing that's Harry's most sensitive spot before his dick.

"Oh yeah, here!" Louis placed the wand at the very tip of Harry's dick, watching it harden. Harry let out a soft yelp, feeling his length shake.

"Here...." Louis places the bulb at the very front of his hole, barely even touching it.

"Can't forget about here!" Louis chuckled, entering Harry's heat with the wand.

"Agh!" Harry let out a soft scream, shaking ever so much. He felt as if his body was under a trance. Slipping away to Lou's very gentle hands. He held Harry, kissing him and moving the wand in and out.

"Hah-Hah-Hah..." He squeaks, letting little 'a-ah, ah, ah's' out as Louis went faster, thrusting his hand quickly.

"Lou! I-I need to wee!" Harry whines, wanting to clench his legs.

"We went through this. You don't." Louis spread Harry's legs. He thrusted into Harry's prostate, smirking as Harry came with a scream.

"Haaaah... Eeeeh" Harry let out weird noses, feeling uncomfortable. Louis took the pink used towel, cleaning up the small teen.

"Lou... That felt good.." Harry smilies. Louis shook his head as smiled, kissing Harrys newly waxed thigh as he slipped the pair of panties onto Harry.

"Harry. I love you..." Louis picked him up, slipping on Harrys brown skinnys and Clifford. Wrapping a yellow scarf around Harry's neck.

"Lets go shopping."


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