Chapter 10

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Well... This chapter will change your view of the story.

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"What?" Harry asked, walking onto the porch. He looked down and noticed to small children at their doorstep. Atleast three months old. Both.

"L-Lou... W-what's going on?" Harry whispered.

"I-I don't know..." Louis whispered, picking one of the infants up.

"W-why are their baby's in front of our door!?" Harry gasped. Louis looked at Harry and shrugged.

"W-we can't just... Leave them." Louis whispered, kissing Harry's cheek. "I have some diapers from watching The twins. And some extra onsies. And it looks like they're twins as well..."

"Louis... I-I'm not good with kids! I-I don't know what to do... I-I... Louis." Harry let out a sob, louis shushed him gently, carrying both the baby's inside to lay them down.

"Shh.." Louis grabbed Harry, rocking him gently. "I don't know what we'll do. Harry, maybe... Maybe we should keep them? We'll name them... Watch them grow up. C'mon baby... I've always wanted kids... You don't want to put them in a dirty adoptive home do you?" Louis kisses him gently.

"W-what's they're gender?" Harry whispered, looking at the baby's who lay on the floor.

"I dunno. But putting them on the floor is bad. Pick one up and look."

Harry picked one up, looking at them both. He nervously unwrapped the blanket and froze as he noticed the baby didn't have any clothes on... Just a diaper.

"This is a boy." Harry whispered, looking at the baby nervously.

"This is a boy too." Louis smiles, kissing his cheek. "Harry.. Don't be nervous. We have... We have kids. It might be too early... But I can get a really good job after I graduate." Louis smiles, kissing Harry's shoulder.

"But... I-I don't know-"

"I can't teach you." Louis whispers.

"O-Okay... W-were do they sleep?" Harry asked. "Food!! They need food!" Harry cried.

"Shh..." Louis soothes. "I'll get a baby bottle. The twins have theirs here..." Louis placed the other baby in Harry's arms. Harry nervously took him and looked down at them.

"W-when do we name them?" Harry asked.

"Sometime soon." Louis replied, bringing back a warm bottle of milk. He grabbed one of the baby's and started feeding him.

"Lift him in your arms." Louis instructed, Harry following "tip his head up." Harry did so carefully. "Feed him. Just slip the bottle into his lips." Harry did that, smiling proudly of himself.

The baby looked up at Harry, now awake and fully active. Harry's eyes widened, then softening slightly.

"I wanna name this one..." He said, looking into the blue eyes of the child they were almost grey... "Noali" (pronounced nole-ley.)

"Noali?" Louis asked, looking at him again. Harry nodded and looked at the other baby. "W-what about this one?"

Louis smiles and looked at the baby's hazel eyes, about the same color of Harry's.

"I was thinking.... Micky." Louis smiled sheepishly, looking at Harry who looks at Louis. "I-I like it..." He whispered. "A-Am I aloud to... K-kiss them?" Harry whispered, looking at Louis. Louis nodded.

Harry very carefully kissed Noali's head, whispering a little. "Um... I-I'm daddy. A-and p-papa is holding y-your other brother. W-we'll go shopping! I bet you'll like wearing clothes that will fit alot better..." Harry whispered.

"W-where's the basket? Is there a card?" Harry searched through the baskets they were found in. He found them and looked at a card found.

Dear boys,

You do not know me, you never have. But I've seen you and watched you and you are perfect for these boys. I haven't named them, they're three months old. The one with lovely blue eyes has a birthmark on his ear, it's looks kind of like a question mark. I bet he'll be smart.

The one with green eyes... He's very playful. He has a birthmark on his knee... It looks kind of like a cloud. I imagine he'll daydream a lot when he's older.

Whenever you tell these boys how they're not yours, tell ten I had to give them away. I don't have any money for them and they won't be safe with me. My husband is a very mean man, he is not the man who are these babies father.

Harry, I am related to you in the most weird way. I'm and your cousin by one percent. I was their when you were born... The one with green eyes looks like you and the one with blue will look like you're boyfriend.

The man who is the father of these children is my king. I want to marry him one day and we will. But we need to run away.

Harry... Take care of my children, they are yours now.


"L-Lou... She wants us to keep them. We need to keep them!" Harry gasped. Louis bit his lip ring, looking at Harry.

(Yes, Louis has a lip ring.)

"Harry... They're ours. We'll go shopping today. It's just the afternoon..." Louis whispered, kissing Harry softly.

"Lou... I'll stay home. I talked to Pezzie and she said that if I do anything I can still do in the school I can do here... We'll do the feminism thing here.

"Harry... Um. You sure you wanna do that? You'll have to actually breastfeed the boys and take hormonal pills? Are you sure." Louis whispered, he didn't want it to be weird. He honestly didn't care but he didn't want his baby uncomfortable.

"I'm sure.. It's for, the baby's." Harry whispered, he was a little weirded out. But it's not like it's new that a man can breastfeed or give birth. Sure, Harry didn't have birth, but he was going to take care of the baby's.

"Okay... We'll have baby's!"

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