Chapter 5

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"Darling... Time to wake up. Wanna go swimming? Indoor pool!" Louis shook the boy awake from the bed he was laying on.

"Hmm... No Lou Lou..." Harry whines, flipping over onto his stomach. "Wanna sleep." Louis chuckles. "Darling you need to wake up so you can sleep later." Louis smiled, picking him up and laying him down In front of himself.

Louis changed Harry into some swimming trunks, chuckling when Harry reaches for him. Louis just grabbed his midnight blue hand and dragged him along out to the swimming pool. Harry looked around and spotted a couple of boys beside a fake palm tree, not recognizing any of them.

"Darling... C'mon you wanna swim don't you?" Louis picked Harry up and wrapped Harry's legs around his own waist. He walked into the pool.

"I-I can't swim!!" Harry shrieked. Louis chuckled and set him on the ledge at the deep end of the pool. Louis could touch but harry couldn't. Louis held his arms out.

"Jump and I'll catch you!" Louis smiled, gesturing for him to jump.

"Louis! I-I can't.. I don't.."

"Cmon... You trust me." Louis whispered, holding his hands out for Harry. Harry closed his eyes and jumped forwards to Louis. Louis caught him and swung him around.

"Haha! Darling you did it!" Louis chuckled, kissing his head.

"Lou-Lou... Can we go sit now?" Harry pointed to the beach chairs, smiling up at Lou.

"Darling. You wanna sit? In the sun? What I you get sick my darling?" Louis sighed, grabbing at Harry's waist.

"I wanna sit down." Harry shrugged, looking around. He spotted those boys again, one glaring at him and the others smirking. Harry whines as Louis places him on the beach chair.

Harry giggled and stole Lou's glasses from his head, placing them on himself. Louis chuckled and kissed his nose.

"I'm going to get you your drink alright? Just relax and I'll do so. Don't lose them, or break them. Watch 'em" Louis smiled and Harry nodded, watching Louis leave. Harry sat on the chair, lounging and waiting.

"Hey." He heard a voice, it was a bit snappy.

"Um.. Hello?" Harry asked the boy, the boy smiled and bent in to kiss Harry. Harry backed away quickly.

"What the hell!?" Harry screamed, leaning up to smack the boy.

"Hmm.." The man grasped his wrist tightly, examining the boys hand. "What's this?" He said, grabbing Harry's finger tightly and looking at the polish.

"None of your business. Let me go!" Harry whimpered as the man gripped his wrist harder. Harry whimpered and took a deep breath.




"LOUIS!" Harry screamed, his mouth was itchy and dry from the scare but he screamed. "Louis! Help! Louis!!" Harry screamed, Zayn ran up and looked at Harry, tackling the men down as Louis runs to Harry and picks him up.

Harry was crying into Louis' shoulder, Liam and Zayn calling the boys out.

"Shh... Darling." Louis whispered, rocking Harry so gently that Harry barely felt it. He was in Louis' arms and that's what's important.


His arms.

His body.

His safety.

Harry kept crying, and crying.

"Shh... Darling. Time to take a nap. When you wake up we'll be in Magic Kingdom!" Louis said excitedly.

His arms.

His body.

His safety.

Harry whined, laying his head on Lou's shoulder. "Go to sleep. I got you."

His arms.

His body.

His safety


Louis walked into their room of the cabin, laying harry onto the bed and grabbing a pile of nice clean clothes for Harry. His hair didnt get wet, his body was still clean.

Louis put Harry into a nice soft Micky mouse knitted sweater, looking at the cold outside. He then dressed Harry into some brown skinnys. He places Harrys favorite shoes on his feet; white converse.

Harry whined when he felt the shoes slide over his socks. (Mixed matched girls ankle socks, pink and blue to be exact.) He rubbed his eyes tiredly.

"Kissy Kissy... Are you awake Boo?" Louis kisses Harry's little head, chuckling and caressing his face. Louis tied Harry's shoes into perfect knots, just how Harry likes 'em.

"Hmm... Louieee." Harry whined as he yawned, reaching for Louis.

"Whatieeeee" Louis chuckled grabbing Harry's arms and holding him.

"I want hot cocoa..." Harry whined.

"I'm sure they have some at Magic Kingdom." Louis said, rubbing Harry's little bum.

"But I want some nowwww." Harry whines. Louis just chuckles and kisses Harry's head.

They walked, well just Lou (who was carrying Harold.), down the steps of the stairs. Looking at everyone who was dressed and ready to go.

"Aww... Look at baby Harry. Can I hold you darling?" Niall asked, reaching for Harry who gave a small nod. He reached for the blonde boy tiredly, snuggling into his neck.

Niall giggles and grabbed Harry by his tiny bum. Louis landed a smack on it, waking Harry up.

"Hey!" He snarled, glaring at Lou.

"Aww... What?" Louis asked innocently, kissing Harry's neck and walking away.

"Nap time."

"Wake time."

"Nap time!"

"Wake time!"

"Nap time!"

"Wake time!!" Louis chuckled, picking harry up again.

To the Kingdom!



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