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From Heart To Soul- All In One Shots by TunesOfHeart
From Heart To Soul- All In One Neha
This book will contain all the one shots on my books. It will feature my leads as well as their friends. So read the book and experience lots of fun, love, romance, pas...
  • rishit
  • rangeroflove
  • arrangedmarriage
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Room 27 ~ Teacher/Student Larry Stylinson by LarryStylinstagraam
Room 27 ~ Teacher/Student Larry Bella
"I think my heart just stopped" 21 year old teacher Louis Tomlinson, and his 17 year old student Harry Styles fall in love.
  • larry
  • louis
  • teacher
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Depressive (boy x boy) Narry by CassidyCorbett
Depressive (boy x boy) Narryby Cassidy Corbett
When Louis breaks up with Niall, he goes into a spiraling depression. Can Harry pick him back up??
  • direction
  • zayn
  • louis
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Not doin this anymore  by it_stranger_danger
Not doin this anymore by StrAngEr
A girl named Arry Voa auditions for Henry danger and finds her falling in love with a cast member named Jace Norman . Jace started falling for her to . Read the story to...
  • jace
  • lovestory
  • ace
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Harry Potter, aftermath by SpontaniouslyCombust
Harry Potter, aftermathby Lea the all-powerful and amaz...
  • new
  • harrypottergeneration
  • diggory
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The Best Thing I've Done- Larry Stylinson/Niam Horayne Fanfiction by shinjinoseraph
The Best Thing I've Done- Larry lucas
A Larry stylinson AU with homeless! harry and side Niam. Louis works his every day job(that Niall thinks is totally gay), not expecting anything out of the ordinary. T...
  • universe
  • homelessharry
  • humor
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99 Problems  by MrManga31
99 Problems by TheMangaMan
Did ya know i was a HP fan? (Probably Not), Well i am. Here are 99 Problems only a CRAZY Harry Potter fan like i would have. Enjoy!
  • arry
  • potta
Poisin Ivy by wafflez9101
Poisin Ivyby wafflez9101
Ivy is just an ordinary wizard. Suddenly, she meets both Snape and Voldemort, disguised as another average wizard, on the same day. When love sparks, then both wizards c...
  • hunter
  • finally
  • bellatrix
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Christmas with Harry by omq_lxrrx
Christmas with Harryby omq_lxrrx
She thinks she meet the one. He is sweet, respectful, and honest. But when things go wrong and he misses his plane, Ana finds herself alone for the holidays. When Ana bu...
  • fanfiction
  • holidays
  • harrystyles
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Clumsy //  h.s. au by cutiepuff7
Clumsy // h.s. auby emma
"Why hello clumsy, I'm Harry" and our love was like how we met; clumsy but oh so passionate all rights reserved. © cutiepuff7
  • hadrienne
  • shipit
  • harry
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Love Story: Harry Styles fanfic by kenn143
Love Story: Harry Styles fanficby kenn143
Anna and her friends learn to work things out even if they are harder than they seem..
  • arry
  • onedirection
  • lovestory
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always in My Heart by LoyalLarry
always in My Heartby lilly verville
after harry and louis have a hard falling out harry cant live happy, and louis is the same with all the fake news he cant take it. they both need each other but cant say...
  • harrystyles
  • topharry
  • larrystylinson
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Quiet Friendship (ON HOLD) by music1or1books
Quiet Friendship (ON HOLD)by Jay(?)
Sarah is the average teenage girl. Not popular, not unpopular. She belongs in the "normal" group. She doesn't speak up or act out of the normal, and she hates...
  • friends
  • jake
  • project
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Ethan Kid by ghettodolans
Ethan Kidby ghettodolans
if ya know who it is ya probs follow me
  • arry
  • ghettodolans