chapter 20

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Any completed innocent Harry books? And bromance is acceptable. Here is what I know.

Uniquely series.


Stuck with you.



No bdsm. I don't want any.

     As long as they are completed, really good, no sad ending. And of a bromance with innocent!Harry the. Yeah. Theyre good. Send me some links maybe


CMON you lazy asses send me some do not be afraid.

I don't bite.

Only Harru does.


"Merry christmas my baby..." Louis whispered into Harry's ear.

     "Hmm?" Harry let out a whine, his christmas jumper ruffling up his tummy. "Lou-Lou?"

     "Yeah babe... its Lou-Lou." Louis whispered.

(Just to let you know. Dusty didn't die. My story deleted part of it's lf and I never explained. But Loyis saved them)

     "I-I'm sleepy..." Harry mumbled.

     "Yeah... well, santa ate the cookies, put presents in the tree and even wrote back to your letter.." Louis smiled, kissing his baby gently.

    "M-missed your b-birthday?" Harry asked, falling against louis.

     "No. You wished me happy birthday, right before you went to bed." Louis smiled. We even bought some cake from that cafe accross from our hotel... want some?"

     (I have a Ao3 account. Larry_Tarry. I'm going to write the prequel of this on it. Maybe...)

     "Y-yes please." Harry nodded, his face shoved into the sheets. Louis laughed and kissed his baby's ear.

(After food.)

     "Nanana....nanana" Harry sang into the sheets, squealing when he felt arms wrap around him and lift him on someone's lap.

    "Niull." Harry whined, trying to escape.

     "Harreeeeh" Niall laughed, keeping him in his lap.

     "I already ate... I wanna nap..." Harry tried to crawl away. Niall just wouldn't have it. He kept Harry in his lap and laid back.

     "Well you can nap on me!" Niall smiled, kissing the poor boys cheek.

     "But... I don't wanna nap on you. I wanna nap on the bed."

     "We are on the bed."

     "Fine." Harry huffed, giggling a bit because this is just great. So many people love him and wanna hold him.

     "Maybe we can go shopping? Lets go shopping." Liam asked, in quite the hyper mood.


"But its Pariiiiiis."

"Its 4:30 in the fucking morning."

"Its 7:00... at night." Liam interveined.

"Do you think pigeons have thoughts"

"Niall, Shut the hell up."

"Harry stop." Louis scoffed, walking in the room. He hasn't really lookes at the scene. "Your full and now you can take a nap actually have you taken your Zoloft.... Niall what are you doing?"

     Niall was actually trying to pull the boy from his bed.

It was not working.

     "Well I'm sorry that your boyfriend won't do something with me."

     "Niall, Harry needs to nap." Louis laughed.

     "Yeah... he's quite... grumpy." Liam mumbled. "Harry do pigeons have thoughts?"

    "Yeah, but they won't when I shove them up your-"

     "Okayyyy I'm quite confused." (You guys might be too.) "Harry come with me. We'rw going to lay you down in the other room, and you will take a nap.


Nope. No buts.


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