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Harry was walking down the street, smiling happily as he looked at all the different colors. His nails a pretty yellow color.

Harry was walking down the isle, looking Round. He noticed his least favorite color, a midnight blue that looks almost black. He grabbed it to look at the labels, ignoring the ten different bottles in his hand.

"Look out!" A voice screamed, pushing Harry who accidentally drops ten different colors in his hand. Harry lets out a scream and looks down at all of the dropped paint. Harry let out a whimper and the person walked up, bending down and noticing all of the shattered paints.

"Look... I-Ill but you some. G-go get the same color..."

"I can't y-you... You dick... T-those are the last ones and It won't be in stock till next year!!" The boy screamed, his short self looking up at the boy who seemed a little older. Harry's never spoke out before....

"Oh.. I'm so sorry... What about this one..." The boy pointed to the midnight blue color. Harry looked at it.

"I hate this color..." He looked at it, rolling the bottle in his palm. The blue eyes tall boy stretched his hands out for it, grabbing Harry's small hand and holding the paint to his skin.

"Hmm... I think it will look nice." The boy smiles at Harry and Harry glares. How can he smile, this is terrible!

"Look, I'll buy you this color and if I see you wearing it one day I get to take you out on a date alright?" The boy said, smiling.

"Um... Fine. But you won't, ever."

And that's what they did, went up to the checkout. The boy paid for the color and Harry went home.

Harry would stare at the small shopping bag every now and again.

With a sigh, harry picked up the nail polish remover. Feeling as if he's stripping his own clothes off whenever he removes some polish from a nail. Harry would then pick up the blue midnight color, slowly an carefully painting his nails.

Harry would then sigh, as he let them dry he noticed: this color is good!


Later that week when he was walking down a sidewalk beside all of the shops.

"Hey!!" Harry jumped and turned around, noticing the same blue eyed boy. Harry noticed him and The bit smiles.

"You're wearing-" Harry his his hand behind his back.

"No I'm not!"

"You are!" The boy said grabbing his hand, looking up at Harry.

"I'm louis."



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