Chapter 9

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Ugh.. I feel miserable.
I have terrible allergies.
I keep head banging everytime I sneeze.
My sneezes are squeaky and my boyfriend won't leave me alone about it.
My boyfriends name is Harry :) Harry Andrew Williams.
I love him.
Can you guess my name?
Bet you can't.
Except Nialls_Lost_Daughter.
She knows it.
Unless I told her my cover name.
If I did sorry.

(Warning. CRAZY PLOT TWIST. In next chapter.)

(Very short.)

"Harry..." Louis whispered into his ear. Harry jerked his head to look but the only thing there was a pile of clothes in the store

"Lou? This game isn't fun anymore... I can't find you." Harry whines. He hates hide and seek.

"Harry..." Louis whispered, Harry walking foreword until he saw Niall jump out of a clothes rack screaming "WELCOME TO NARNIA!"

"You're an idiot Ni." Harry sighed, crossing his arms.

"You love it..." Niall whines. "Where's Lou?"

"Up your ass and through the other end." Harry sighed, his headache he had since this morning hasn't gone away and as much as he is innocent, he doesn't feel well.

"Hey! Calm down and stop being rude." Louis whispered, picking Harry up.

Harry sighed and nuzzled his head into Louis' neck, breathing deeply.

"I really want to lay down..." Harry whines, letting Louis rich him gently.

"Darling. You can sleep. I'll let you take your daily nap and I'll let you sleep on my shoulder. Go ahead. Close your eyes and go to sleep. Maybe you'll be happy and no more headache!" Louis whispered, letting the poor little Harry sleep on his shoulder.

Louis walked around with Harry. When they found clothes they wanted Harry to have, they all pitched in and Helped Louis dress the sleeping baby.

(They are now back in England.)

"Darling... I want you to try these on." Louis whispered, handing, A now awake, Harry some light grey skinny jeans and a creme colored girls tanktop.

Harry nodded, getting dressed in their bedroom, and looking at Lou. "How's it look?" He asked, looking down at the outfit happily.

"Damn... You look quite good. Actually... You look sex. As. Hell." Louis whispered, kissing Harry.

"No. Go sit on couch. I'm gonna change now." Harry pushed Louis away, walking to the bed and getting dressed in a pair of creme colored thick tights. He pulled a girls grey tank-top onto his torso.

He looked in the mirror. The tank-top was longer in the back, covering his bum. The peach colored lace (panties. Lace means panties.) was see through, but not by too much.

"Lou..." Harry walked into the living room, straddling Lou and pecking his lips.

"Lovely..." Louis whispered, kissing Harrys neck gently.

"I wanna be kissed." Harry pouted, kissing Lou harder.

"Hmph." Louis was cut of, moaning into Harry's innocent but wonderful kiss.

Louis chuckled and kissed Harry a little Harder.

Louis opened his eyes, looking at Harry's closed one. He watched as Harry's brows furrowed as he tried to take dominance. Louis chuckled and pushed Harry down, kissing him harder.

"Nooo" he heard Harry whine, feeling Louis' tongue entering his mouth. Louis grabbed Harrys hand, intertwining their fingers and lifting Harry's hand way over his body.

"Lou...." Harry moaned, letting Kiss him hard. Really really hard.

"Hmm?"Louis smirked, kissing Harry harder.

They were interrupted by the doorbell.

"Nooooo!" Harry whines.

"Sorry baby..." Louis whispered, walking to the door.

Harry huffed and let Louis walk to the door. As Louis opened it a explosion of cold air gets inside. Louis looked everywhere but didn't see any one. He then looked down and gasped.

"Harry... Get over here." Louis whispered, looking down at the two life forms that lay in front of him.


Cliff hanger!!

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