Chapter 2

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Harry and Louis were walking down to ms. Winkles class. Well, her last name isn't really Winkle.

Louis just calls her that because Perrie used to watch him when he was younger, so him and Perrie are close.

"You remember Pezzie... You know her harry." Louis whispered softly, holding Harry's hand as he walks down the hallway. Harry nodded slowly as they walked into the classroom.

"And it's about time for you to nap isn't it? Your mummy said that you need to take naps after lunch." Louis smiles as Harry whines.

"B-but... I'll be asleep during the class and everyone will laugh at me..." Harry whispered, Whining as Louis has him straddle his lap in the classroom chair. Harry looked around quickly, watching as other people stare at him.

"L-Lou... P-put me down."

"No baby... You need to nap."

"P-please." Harrys eyes filled with tears.


"Put me down!! Put me down! Please! Put me down out me down put me down put me down!!" Harry screamed, Louis was quick. He grabbed Harrys head and looked at the teacher, holding Harrys ears in his hand.

"Do you have a blanket Pezzie?" Louis asked her.

"It's ms. Perrie to you! And yes, one In the closet..." She said as she walked to the back of the room. Harry mumbling incoherent words into Lou's shirt. Louis smiled and grabbed his headphones, plugging them into Harry's ears. Perrie gave them the soft blanket and Louis smiles gently as he covers Harry's back and head. Harry mumbles more words into Lou's neck, finally slowing down as Louis turned on some music.

Harry fell asleep soon after, Louis smiling as he listened to the class. The teacher wrote on the bored.

'A partner may do whatever they desire with you as long as it doesn't affect your grades.' That's the number one rule of the 'being your partner to school' and Louis loved it. He loved letting Harry nap on him while he answered some questions about there relation. Ship.

"Alright class, we're going to go through the dates of this month."

Week 1: just a week vacation. Go on a road trip school will pay.

Week 2: feminism. (One partner)

Week 3: fluffyness (One partner.)

Week 4: Whatever partner chooses.

"Now, while you all just have free time. Don't break anything."

The class cheered and started talking, louis making sure not to wake Harry up before his nap is over. Sadly enough, if Harry doesn't have naps his Anxiety affects his Aspergers and he gets grumpy. And as much as Grumpy Harry is adorable, it's tiring.

Harry woke up on Lou's chest, feeling him rock him back and forth carefully. "L-Lou.." Harry murmured. He looked up and noticed his lips moving but he couldn't hear him. Louis smiled and unplugged the earplugs he turned off earlier out of Harrys ears.

Harry looked around then looked up at Lou. "H-hi...." He whispered, rubbing his eyes. He looked down at his nails to make sure that nothing chipped. Louis smiled and kisses his forehead.

"Me and Pezzie talked. We're going to the Mall with Li, Ni, Zee, and my friend Jesy. She's really nice, we love her." Louis smiled. Harry looked up at Louis and shook his head. "I'd like to go home. You can go, I'll just go home." Harry murmured, silently hoping Louis would come home with him or beg him to come with him.

"Oh, okay."

Oh, okay?


He didn't even ask if Harry was sure. He didn't even ask for him to come! Are you kidding me!?

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