Chapter 7

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"Sleep.. Harry. You need to take a nap!" Louis begged, grasping Harrys small hands

"Louis... I'm tired, but I can't sleep." Harry whimpered, letting out a sad cry.

"Darling... I know, your tummy hurts and you want a cuddle but I need you to take your nap..." Louis whispered, picking Harry up by his armpits.

"Lou... It's so cold. It's so cold...." Harry's eyes started to close out of pure exhaustion.

"Hush little baby don't say a word.." Louis whispered softly to Harry, who looked back up at him.

"Lou-Lou's gonna buy me a mocking bird?" Harry looked at him, eyes glossed over.

"Mhm... And if that mocking bird won't sing..." Louis waits for Harry to sing the next part, noticing that Harry's still sleeping quite peacefully.

"I'm gonna buy you a diamond ring..." Louis whispered, holding Harry closer on his chest.

Louis held Harry closer, kissing his sweaty forehead and smiling softly.

Louis would watch Harry happily. Kissing his darling cheeks and smiling.

But what Louis didn't know, was that Harry was having a terrible dream..

"Daddy... No!" Harry whimpered, trying to push Lou's hands away from his face. Louis was quick to grab him, gasping as Harry fell off the couch and hit his head on the hard floor.

"Harry!" Louis rushed to pick harry up, trying to see the damage but Harry's hair was covering anything, he felt for a bump. "Harry you need to wake up! Harry... Please."" Louis screamed watching as Harry shook, whimpering still. "Harry... Wake up. Wake up for Lou Lou." Louis whispered, kissing Harry's neck.

He watched as Harrys eyes opened, looking at Louis as he kept crying.

"It's a dream. It's a dream." He heard Harry whimper. "A dream... A dream a dream adreamadreamadream!!" Harry sobbed into Lou's chest, gripping his shirt as to beg for help.

"Harry... Baby. It's just a dream, he won't touch you, or hurt you, he's gone now! Prison. He's in prison for life..." Louis whispered.

"He was so terrible!" He hiccuped. "I hate him! Whenever he made me clean the dishes, h-he.. H-he. He made me.." Harry reached for the bowl, vomiting into bucket.

Louis rubbed his back, sighing.

"W-what did he do..." He heard a voice, it was small and very sad sounding. Louis looked up and noticed the whole group was watching, sighing he looked at the blonde boy who was curious about this terrible thing.

"He..." Louis took a deep breathe. "He wouldn't let him use soap.. He's make Harry.. Eat the week old foods off the plate before washing them, mold or not." Louis sighed, watching Harry vomit again.

"Harry..." Niall whispered, waking to Harry and hugging him tightly.

"Please... Don't let him touch me." He whispered into Nialls ear, holding onto his back tightly.

"We won't." Louis smiles at him. "No one will let him touch you, you will never be touched again by some creep. All of us will make sure that you're safe." Louis kisses his neck gently, letting him walk to brush his teeth.


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