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chapter 16

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So.. Harry accidently broke my phone. I have to use a dumb samsung. :( ugh. but hey, a phone is a phone.

Should I also mention that i'm sick with Mono? My sister had it for a month. She said its ike.... you feel fine you feel fine you feel fine FEVER SPIKES AND YOU VOMIT AND CRY ALOT THEN SLEEP.

So don't give me shit.


"Harry.." Louis mumbled gently. "You need to wake up pink cheeks, we're going to pick up the baby boys and then i'm going to bring them home." Louis smiled happily, kissing Harry's rosie cheeks.

"No... Louis please don't make me get up, i really don't feel good." Harry whimpers.

"You'll feel better as soon as you walk around and drink some water yeah?" Louis smiled, helping Harry up a little and kissing him. Louis pulled Harry along and helped him into some grey leggings and a nice warm sweater. As soon as Harry felt that pang in his head he let out a sob.

"whoa!" Louis freaked, He grabbed Harry and climbed into the bed. 'shh..' he would say.

"I-I told you!!" Harry cried, trying to get out of his arms when louis picked him up. Louis just kissed his cheek in a way to say 'I'm sorry.'

"Baby boy I'm truly sorry!" Louis whispered. "We don't need the baby's right now. We'll get them later, alright love?" Louis gently laid Harry on his chest to let the boy cry, sobs loud and sad enough to make your heart break in millions.

Long story short Harry is the worst when sick. He just can't take anything! Once when Harry was sick, they went to a park without knowing.

Louis accidentally drank some of Harry water and he cried for an hour because he felt like the water was sad because it was wet, like all water, and Louis made it worse.

"Oh baby..." Louis sighed. This is the worst... Louis was slowly losing himself. But every time he looked into those green, green, green eyes he just was put back together.

Harry had stopped crying now. He was just looking up at Lou with that look in his eye. He wasn't really doing any thing. Just staring at louis, thinking.

Louis smiled gently as he took his palm to brush away Harry's very very sweaty fringe. Harry was then shook out of his fuzzy mind. Not really able to see clear. Louis just chuckled and grabbed the handle of the nightstand and pulled a drawer out, grasping the thick frammed glasses.

No matter how much Harry tried to refuse Louis just placed it on his head. Harry sighed and rested his head back down watching the television that Louis was turning on.

Harry sighed as he relaxed into Louis. Harrys itty bitty body shook with sneezes and coughs, causing Louis to panic a bit. Harry whimpered and louis took the marrage nail Harry painted a and showed him.

'We're getting married one day Harry... is that what you want? Want me to marry you?' Louis so desperately wanted to ask.

Instead he took his hands and carresed Harry's tiny bubble of cheeks.

That's when Louis reslized that Harry fell asleep. His breathing making his back go up and down. Louis smiled and lifted him up to place Harry's face in his neck, taking the glasses off.

Louis wished Harry would wear them more. He looked so cute.

Louis took out his phone, dialingnto call Niall.

"'Ye?" A Irishman's voice sounded as long withv as cry and Liam baby talking. A baby was obviously crying. Liam cheering, or attempting, him up.

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