HACKED (Harry again.)

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PICTURE OF JAXX comment on how beautiful he is! i took this with his camera when he got into photography. isnt he so... amazing. i just want to bend him over and buy some gummyworms!!

(WARNING: this story is true, and cliche. We like it that way.)

Helloooo I just want to tell you a story, the story of how I met Jaxx.

I'm going to try to type As well as I can.

When I was 16 (I'm 19 now.) I was walking down the classroom and met the most beautiful boy I've ever met. He was so beautiful, he even smiled when his friend made the worst joke. I remember walking up to him and he kind of glares up to me, he seriously looked like he hated me! I thought his look would send me to hell!

Then when we were in class and our last names are next to eachother so we were out together for a prodject.



Pissed. 😐

Yeah thanks alot, he hated me back then 😑

When we went to his house, we went up to his room to do our project. I looked confused when his mom came in to give him a shot. He looked so... Natural and calm. He didn't seem to care that a large needle was puncturing his arm. I remember I asked <<what is that?>> and he really glared. He was so fucking mad I kid you not!

He just looked at me and told me to <mind my own fucking buisness.> He still looked really pissed when i was leaving.

One day I went up to him and asked him on a date. I remember he said yes, but if if he hated it, he said he'll never go out with me again. Then his friends came up and said, <if this date sucks then we'll look for you.>

Out of pure terror I nodded, then left to be with my date.

after a few dates he passed out at one of them. He just collapsed in the ground and it scared me! I was clueless to what happened and I had to dig his phone out to find his parents number and called them. She told me to just bring him to mine and let him sleep.

So that's what I did.

I took his temp and I gave him kisses, making sure he wasn't awake first. I let him sleep on my bed for a while until he woke. He told me about his cancer and how he's been fighting it. I told him that I cared for him and he told me that he never hated me. I love him so much.

And now he's the little spoon that I hold. Don't tell him I told you this. But his name is Leo. It's such a beautiful name. Leo Andrew James.

Isn't that cool! We have the same middle name! When we have kids we might name their middle name Andrew. I'll find a photo of him and post it.

Please tell Leo you guys love him. He's beautiful and he's MY BABY!


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