Chapter 13

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Before Louis could do anything Harry ripped his hand away from his eyes. A look of horror filled his eyes, he looked around in shock enforce looking at Lou.

"No!" Harry screamed. But before making a run for it, Louis grabbed his arms. He held them up and rocked Harry softly.

"Sorry darling... But if you're a good boy. You get ice-cream." Louis whispered. Harry struggled, trying to push away.

"No! I hate you! Let me go!" Harry screamed loudly. Louis wasn't hurt, he's done this before and it's just Harry freaking out.

"Shh... You can do this! C'mon.. One little checkup." Louis whispered. Harry went limp in his arms, sobbing un-gracefully.

"Hmm... There we go." Louis whispered, picking Harry up gently.

They sat in the waiting room for fifteen minutes, the door to the offices opening.

"Harry Styles." Said the nurse, looking at her clipboard.

"No!!" He screamed again. He couldn't do it mentally, he just couldn't.

"Shh.." Louis lifted Harry up. Harry's back to his chest. He wrapped his arms around his stomach and lifted him up, harry kicking and screaming.

"No!! Stop it! Stop it stop it stop it!" Harry screamed loudly, his sobs fill the room like a loud siren.

Before he knew it he felt dizzy, all over again he felt tired. He started to whimper, falling into something. It wasn't darkness, no. It was almost... Calming, like fuzzy clouds surrounding his vision.

"Hmm..." Harry smiled a little, looking at Lou's face. "Am I... In heaven..?" Harry asked. Louis laughed a little. "Why would you be in heaven?"

"Because... Then I could see your face forever." Harry whispered in amazement, reaching up to touch Lou's face. "U-uh..." Harry couldn't touch him, his arms were too short and the sedative the nurse gave him refusing to let him sit up.

"U-Uh.. Can't.. I can't reach." Harry whimpered.

"Uh!! I can't... Reach. I can't reach!" Harry cried out ever louder. "Louis!" He let out a sob. Louis bent down and let Harry touch his face, his nails still the wonderful midnight blue color that he's worn for a year in a half.

"Hmm... Hi" Louis smiled, kissing Harry's hand that made its way to his lips.

"Hi..." He whispered, not noticing that someone was touching him around his body. The nurse pulling off his pants to get to his thigh, grabbing a needle and giving him a quick shot. Harry let out a yelp and went to hug Louis tightly.

"Shh.. It's okay!!" Louis chuckles, rocking back and forth. "Hmm... Ice.. Cream." Harry smiles, feeling a pull.

"Hmm..." Harry smiled, falling asleep.

"There he is.. Now we can start the ACTUAL appointment, yeah?" The nurse smiled, looking at Louis.

Louis sighed. "Please, he's just getting a checkup and the yearly shot. That should be it unless you think of something else." Louis rubbed at Harry's thighs which will definitely be sore when he wakes up.

"We'll.. He'll have to take a shot and then... Maybe I'll have him choose a sticker." The nurse smiled happily, going ahead and doing what she said she would. She gave any of the shots to Harry's thighs and then handing him to Lou.

"You can keep him here 'till he wakes. His thighs will be very sore, maybe rub them a little." The nice woman asked, she walked out, closing the door.

"Huh?" Harry shot awake, the noise of the door shutting waking him.

"Hi baby..." Louis whispered softly, kissing him softly. "All done." Louis smiles.

"Legs hurt.." Harry whimpered, pointing to his thighs. "I'm sorry baby... Your baby thighs! Aww.." Louis smiled and kissed Harry's thighs gently.

"F-fuh..." Harry whines. "Fuck! Ow! Ow ow ow!" Harry whimpered when the soreness of his thighs started to hurt more.

"Shh... It's okay. I know they hurt. Lets go get your sticker..." Louis stood him up, watching as Harry stumbled into him.

"Hi..." Harry giggles.

"Oops! Fell there darling."



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