Chapter 14

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Hii guys. My real name is Leo! Yay! *high five* by the way O am NOT a tumblr boy, *huff* but I DO have a tumblr!


"Harry.. Time to wake up." Louis mumbled tiredly,

"No." Harry sighed, getting up anyways. He fell back down "I'm exhausted." He whines, reaching for Lou.

"No baby! We gotta hurry, we're seeing your mum and Robyn (don't know how to spell his name, don't care.)

"His sons coming over remember?" Louis smiles, kissing Harry Gently. "He's your age."


"Mummy!" Harry giggled, running to his mum to give her a hug.

Anne chuckled. "Hi darling." She said, hugging her son carefully. "Hi." He giggled into her shoulder, pulling away whenever he felt smushed. He walked over to Lou and went to hug him but he was pushed away.

"Sorry babe. I'm going to say hi to Jeremy." Louis pushed away, going to not only shake Jeremy's hand but also hugging him.

Hugging him?

That was strike one.

"So, harry? Tell Jeremy how schools going." Anne smiles a little.

"Well, it's been well..." Harry murmured.

"Oh, well.. We're all going to New York. Me, Robyn, and Jer." Anne smiled happily at Jeremy.

Harry knew he should be happy for them, but his mum NEVER looked at him like that.

She NEVER spent the time to actually take them some where.

She never actually talked about him to other people.

Never gave him a nickname.

At that moment a child of theirs started letting out a miserable cry, Harry standing to go get him. He walked into the baby's rooms, going in to see Noali crying sadly. He's actually a quiet baby, so his cries are just loud whimpers when he sees the boys.

"What baby..." Harry whispered slowly, rocking the little baby gently. He smiled and searched through the baby-safe-mini-fridge they placed beside the rocking chair. He then placed the bottle in the bottle warmer ontop of the fridge, rocking Noali slightly.

Harry smiled softly as he thought, getting brought out by the baby whimpers next to his ear. Harry grabbed the baby's tiny soft foot, rubbing and tickling it to distract him.

"Baby Noali. Almost done.." He whispered, then grabbing the bottle and testing to see if it's nice and warm. He placed the bottle to the babies lips, rocking him slowly.

"Sleepy baby." Harry whispered, smiling and putting the now full baby on his shoulder to burp him. Patting his back gently. He laid him in his crib and walked down, not noticing Louis.

"Where's Lou?" Harry asked.

"Oh... He and Jeremy went to the store to get some clothes for the babies." Wait what?

"Wait.. What?" Harry almost screeched. That's what HIM and Louis were supposed to do. Not JEREMY and Louis.

That was strike two...

"Yeah, Louis said he saw these cute shoes for the baby and went to get them with Jeremy." Anne smiled. "Isn't Jeremy just so sweet..." Anne smiles, looking at Robyn.

"...what about me mum..." Harry whispered.

"Hmm? What was that Harry?" She asked, not funny hearing him.

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