chapter 18

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Guess who woke of from surgery and is pratically dead in bed. This guy!

Short. Short short.

I'm updsting a longer chapter later though.

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Noali and Micki.

Noali is the smaller one always.


"Another vacation week.. hmm. You guy's get another free week for vacation." Perrie mumbled.

"Vacation! Vacation!" Harry sang, falling from Louis' lap and landing on the floor.

     Everything was quiet.

     "...I felled." Harry giggled, not realizing his mistakes of words.

     "You've... felled?" Louis mumbled confused, Harry would be crying if he realised he made such a big grammar mistake. "Baby... did you take your medication?" Louis asked, pulling out the orange pill bottle.

     "Ugh. You sound like my boyfriend Louis." Harry whines.

     "What do you... think about him?" Louis smiled, using this to his advantage.

     "I think he's... an idiot." Louis felt like an anime character being insulted.

"But... he's amazing... and cute. He takes such good care of me..." Harry sighed, feeling bliss when Louis rubs his shoulder's

     "Really? Thats nice... I bet he loves you a lot."

     "I know he does...." Harry whispered, falling into a deep sleep on Louis' lap.

     "Okay..." Louis smiled after that awful rush of, whatever the fuck that was.

     "You know... why don't you take him to Paris Lou?" Perrie asked, sitting beside him.

     "I dunno Perrie.." Louis sighed. "We have the kids and- we have kids, Perrie..." Louis sighed.

     "I can watch them babe... I can watch them and I will take amazing care of both of them... they're  sweet and quiet. Plue my mum is coming up and she qants to meet her grandbabies..." Perrie smiled.


     "Yeah, when I kill you and in the will it says 'give to Perrie.'"

     "Are you going to kill us?"

     "No, just you. Ill dress up as you and date Harry myself.. what's wrong with him?" Perrie asked, reaching to hold him. Louis placed the boy in her arms.

     "I'm sure he didn't take his meds... but he said someone gave him pills... I highly doubt it.. I think he's all confused and jumbled." Louis sighed, laying back in his chair.

     "Well I'm sure he woulf be alright." Perrie smiled, rocking Harrh back and forth.

     Louis nodded and smiled, kissing Harry's temple and lettibg Perrie hold him.


     "Its over!" Harry squealed, jumping over the couch to get to his babies, too bad he fell and landed on his face.

     "Ouch..." Harry whined, he shook his head and ran back faryher to get his kids.

      "Hi Noali boo..." Harry smiled, picking Noali from his crib while Louis took Micki out of Niall's hand's.

     "Were you good for Niall? Did you take care of your baby brudder?" Louis asked his son, rolling the 'd' a little.

     "Hey Harry... I packed your clothes when the kids took their nap. I didn't want to put any more stress on you." Niall smiled, laughing when Harry gave him a kiss.

     "You're so sweet!" Harry smiled, placing Noali back in his crib as Louis did the same to micki.

     "I hope they weren't hard to handle, Ni. They can be a pain in the arse-"

     "No cursing when the kids are in the house."

     "Bum." Louis sighed at Harry's dramatic rule.

     "It was fun." Niall let out a laugh, patting Harry's head. "See you later tomorrow Harry." Niall smiled, leaving and driving off to his own house.

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