Chapter 12

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"Harry.. Wake up. You need to drink a glass of water." Louis whispered on a 3:00 a.m. Morning.

"No..." Harry whines, turning around.

"Yes.. You passed out from dehydration." Louis soothed. "Please? And the baby's need fed. How about you feed the baby's.. As I'll get you a baby's bottle and I'll have you drink from that and you sleep.

"Mhm..." Harry mumbles, getting up to go feed the baby's. He grabs Noali, kissing his head before slipping him under his baggy shirt. He lets him drink for a bit, kissing the peak of his head that pokes through the shirt.

"Okay... Baby's bed time." Harry whispered, setting Noali back into his crib and grabbing the bigger baby. He lets Micky take his time, not like Noali. Harry didn't have a favorite. He was just really tired.

"Okay... Bed. Daddy's going to bed..." Harry whispered, kissing both of his children's heads.

"Hmm..." Harry mumbled, crawling back in the bed. It was now 4:30 a.m. Louis just wrapped his arms around Harry when...

"Waa!!" A baby cries.

Harry huffs. "Your. Fucking. Turn." He groans, pushing Louis by the chest to go fix the problem.

"Ugh.. Please tell me, why do people even have sex? What's the profit?" Louis groans, walking back to the room.

"What baby..?" Louis mumbles, picking up Noali and kissing his forehead. He placed Noali's head in his neck. Noali sucked on Lou's neck, begging for food.

"Oh. Did daddy not feed you all the way?" Louis smiled, going to grab the other baby and carrying them both to their room.

"Hey, wake up darling." Louis whispered to Harry. He placed the baby on Harry's chest, watching at the baby found Harry's nipple and sucked softly.

"No..." Harry groaned. "Sore..." He whined.

"We'll that's because you didn't feed him all of it." Louis whispered, kissing his forehead.

"Then I get to hog the bed..." Harry mumbled.

Now, Harrys always been a bed hogger. He liked space, alot. Harry would move in his sleep as well, he liked big places! He at least smacks Louis in the face three-to-four times a night!

Louis chuckled. "Fine, you can hog the bed." He leaned in, kissing Harry's sore chest. As soon as Noali stopped drinking Louis picked him up and took both babies back. He doesn't want one alone.

"Goodnight." Louis whispered, walking back into the bedroom to see Harry sprawled out and asleep.

Louis sighed and picked him up, holding him close as e fell asleep as well.


"Hmm..." Harry smiles as the first thing he smelled was his Cologne. The first thing he heard was his voice, the first thing he saw was his face.

"Hmm.. Where are we?" He murmured as he felt himself being carried.

"Um.. We're going to get ice cream.." Louis smiled a little, it honestly looked like a fake smile.

"Where's the babies?" He asked

"With Ni." Louis smiles.

"Oh..." Harry nodded and giggled when Louis covered his eyes sadly.

"Lou! What's going on." Harry smiled. "I want ice cream." Harry giggles. Louis just sighed as he walked through the slide through doors.

"Um.." Louis said as he got to the counter. He pointed at Harry and mouthed.

"Appointment for Harry Styles."



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