Chapter 3:Y-Your Taylor Swift!

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Amanda's Pov


"O-OH MY GOD!! Y-Your Taylor Swift!" I stuttered. "Yeah I am! Where are your parents?" She asked me. Uh-Oh. "Well they kind of, sort of, kicked us out.Well just my dad." I said. She had shocked look on her face and looked worried. "Do you want to stay with me? I have plenty of room and the girls could play with Meredith and Olivia, you and I could maybe hang out. I would love some company!" She offered. "Are you sure it's ok?" I asked. I don't want to intrude. "Positive!" She confirmed. "Ok then! Girls say hi to Taylor! We're going to stay at her house for little while!" They both shyly waved at Taylor and went back to eating, while Taylor and I got to know each other better. "Can I tell you something?" Taylor asked me. I nodded. "I'm dating Ed Sheeran."

"OMG I KNEW IT!! Sweeran forever!!" I said putting my hands in the air.

Afterwards, we went on the slide a few more times and other things. Taylor has been treating us like we're her daughters and I really appreciate it.


I can't even describe in words how short this is but its like midnight I think and I'm really tired and I felt horrible so I updated. I will most likely have an update up tomorrow. MOST LIKELY!!

Love y'all


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