Chapter 33 Part 2

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My immediate reaction was to panic. I was in labor, and wasn't expecting it. "Amanda!" I called. I heard her rushing towards my room. She was probably worried that I had gone into labor-and this time, she was correct.
"What is it? Are you okay? What hurts? Should I call dad? Get the keys?" She frantically spoke.
"Amanda, listen to me right now." I sat up. "Your going to drive me to the hospital, and I'll call dad and tell him to meet us there." I spoke.
"Got it." She said.
I pulled my phone out of my back pocket, going to get the baby bag, and put it by the door. The pain in my lower abdomen wasn't bad at all, but it was getting progressively worse.
By the time I had made it downstairs, I had experienced my first contraction. They're rather painful. Amanda rushed downstairs with my favorite blanket, robe, and slippers.
I put on the slippers and my coat. Amanda grabbed the keys, and we were off to the hospital.


By the time we were at the hospital, my contractions were 4-5 minutes apart. Labor was going by quickly. I was wheeled into a delivery room, and was told the twins should be here within the next hour.

That scared me.

It scared me because an hour from now, there will be two more lives in my hands. I heard a light knock on the door, and Ed walked in with a look of excitement and concern on his face.

"Hey sweet, how are you feeling?" He whispered, stroking my hair. "I'm good. Where are the girls?"

"They're with Karlie." He said sitting at the edge of the bed.

I nodded, just as the doctor walked in. "Hi Taylor, I'm Dr. Pratt." He said, introducing himself. "Will you be getting an epidural?" He asked, "I recommend it."

I nodded my head, and he glanced towards the doorway, signaling for the nurse to come in. My nurse popped into the room, smiling at me brightly.
"Hi," She held out her pale hand. "The name's Olivia." I smiled weakly at her as an attempt to show her I WAS IN PAIN.
"Oh, of course. I'm sorry. Where does the pain hurt the most?" She asked, hurrying towards me.
"Right here." I said, rubbing my lower abdomen. She looked at a screen, and looked as if she was trying to calculate something. "Well Taylor, your previous nurse was incorrect. You should be in labor for 5 more hours minimum." She explained.
I groaned.
I winced in pain, feeling tears rise in my eyes. "It hurts!" I exclaim.
"My gosh, sir, I must ask you to step back." He stood back, glaring at me. Olivia started to push buttons and such on the machines. I squeezed my eyes shut and focused on breathing in and out, like Olivia told me to.

"It's time for the epidural." Dr. Pratt said. I relaxed slightly, hearing those words. I held out my arm. "Ok, Taylor. This is going to feel like a really painful bee sting." He explained. I nodded, knowing that it was better than what I would've experienced without the epidural.
After the epidural, I tried my best to get some rest. This was going to be a long, and exhausting labor.


Ed squeezed my hand and reassured me everything will be okay. He grinned softly,"It's alright. Those two little girls are safe. Soon they'll be here with us." At first, I felt panicked. What if they wouldn't be okay? I could feel my contractions getting stronger and I began breathing heavier. Finally, Ed's joke made sense. I suppressed an ill grin," Our baby girls are going to be okay, you're right."

And then, the nurse walked in sitting down in front of my bed, saying the words I had been dreading for a long time.

"Alright Taylor, it's time to start pushing."

I hope you guys enjoyed that part! There's only one last part until Taylor has her babies!
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P.S. Thanks to AOlivia for helping me with this chapter! Shoutout goes to her!

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