Chapter 11: Lets Go On Tour!!

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"GIRLS LETS GO!!!!!!!!! WERE GOING TO MISS OUR PLANE!" I called. "AREN'T WE TAKING YOUR PRIVATE JET?!" Amanda responded. Oh no she didn't. "OK WELL I'M GOING TO BE LATE FOR MY SHOW!" I said, trying to make an excuse- even though I had a great one.

Sandy and Emily came running down the stairs in super cute matching outfits. Emily had on a pink tank top with a tribal black and white maxi skirt. Sandy had on a blue tank top with the same skirt. I was wearing a white tank top, a mint colored jean jacket, and a skirt with sparkles on the sides (A/N these are similar to the ones she wore at  Times Square on New Years Eve) Amy came down wearing a white tank top, a jean jacket, and a bright purple skirt that went up to her waist.

We ate some scrambled eggs, bacon, and fruit-practically shoving the food down our throats. We grabbed our suitcases, running out the door into the car. "Amy you have the carry on bag right?" I asked. "Yes I do." She said holding it up confirming. I drove to the airport, and my bodyguard Paul and a couple of other guys greeted me. "Miss Swift make sure you and your children have everything they need. Sam over here is going to park your car and email you your schedule. Got it?" He asked and I nodded.

 Before we knew it Paul had led us down the runway and we were relaxed and safe. Amanda put in her earphones and chewed some gum- also giving some to the twins and I. "Mommy." I heard two angelic voices say in unison. "Whats wrong guys? You were so excited to go on the plane." I said holding them close and rubbing their backs. "Were scawed." Sandy said, with her baby voice. "Its OK girls. The only bad thing is that your ears are gonna hurt a little. Chew your gum and you should be just fine. I promise there is nothing to be afraid of, and you guys can sit by me for the flight if you would like. Lets go sit on the comfy couch that stretches out (A/N I know that kind of isn't a thing on planes but just go with it. It is fan fiction after all.) I stretched out the couch and let the girls fall asleep - with their heads on my lap. I pulled out my notebook and pen, writing down some more dates and ideas for the show. Once I finished that, I pulled out my phone and took a video. "So like were on a plane. I know you all have never seen these girls, but you'll all find out tonight." I said showing the girls sleeping on our jet. I posted it to Instagram saying 'Three lovely ladies. I have some big news tonight ;)' I posted it, and immediately got captions saying 'How adorable!' or "So cute' or just things talking about cuteness.

I plugged my headphones into my phone and blasted some songs through my ears. Before I knew it I had drifted off into a deep deep sleep.


"Mommy wake up!" "Cmon Taylor wake up!" I heard as someone shook my shoulders. "We landed lets go." Amy said. I slowly opened my eyes giving the girls a hug. "Girls I told you there was nothing to be afraid of." I said. We drove to our hotel, checked in, and began to unpack.


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